Common Loon Solitaire

Common Loon Solitaire

Common Loon Solitaire is the card game Klondike, otherwise known as Patience. It is written in Free Pascal with the Lazarus IDE. The current version is February 22, 2021.


There are not many options in the game. There is only one card deck; one card is drawn each click; and you may run through the deck any number of times.

Installation - Linux

Common Loon Solitaire comes distributed as a single executable file. It can be found here. Simply download that file to your computer and place it wherever you wish. Go to that directory, and check the md5sum:

Make it executable with:
chmod 755 commonloonsolitaire

Now you can start it from the command line in that directory by typing in a terminal:

Or you can integrate it into your Linux menu system. An icon is provided, but the setup is up to you. The program should work on just about any Linux distribution with the X Window system.

Installation - Windows

The latest Windows executable can be found here. It should work for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and maybe even earlier versions of Windows. Just download it and place wherever you want on your Windows PC. The md5sum is:

Create a shortcut if you like. You can use the provided icon.

Removing the app

Should you no longer want the program, simply remove that single file. The program does not create any additional files. All the resources it needs (icons, pictures, etc.) are contained within the executable, and they remain there. There are no settings or preferences or hidden files utilized.


Common Loon Solitaire is free software, distributed under the GNU Public Licence, version 2. Source can be found at GitHub.

Other games

You may also be interested in Common Loon Hearts, a fun card game that requires pitting your wits against some challenging animal opponents.

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