A list of all Scottish places.
By: Roy McGilvray (McGilvray/McGillivray Clan Shenachie) Contact me if you can't find a place: The alternative spellings for many villages made a computer search feature impractical as it will miss a place if you don't type the exact name. Altho it's more work to scroll thru lists this method allows you to look around for the most likely place.

Links to Scottish places beginning with:
I've had success here on finding farm names.

- A basic map of Scotland.

- A map of old Scottish counties.

- A more detailed Gazetteer of the Isle of Mull.

- My McGilvray/McGillivray Clan site.

Sources: 1851 Lewis's Topographical Dictionary;
         1882 Groome's Survey of Scottish Topography;
         1937 Johnston's Gazetteer of Scotland;
         1953 AA Road Book.
     Occasionally there were conflicts between these sources.
     The ultimate reference would be the Ordnance Survey Maps
     which are inexpensively available thru the Map Dept of the
     Nat'l Lib of Scotland.