Scottish Civil Registration

of McG b.m.d.'s

The originals of these records are in the General Register Office in Edinburgh;
Most of them are also on microfilm via the Mormons.  Previous to 1855 most
churches had collected similar data. (see my link to Scottish Parish Registers) 
The following abbreviated McG data is free.  I ask only that you give credit where
credit is due.  This data is provided for private, non-commercial purposes.  There
is no attempt to infringe any copyright which may be (rightly or wrongly) claimed
upon these materials.  The only people who will be interested in this specific info
are a few McG's and my purpose in providing this data is merely to narrow their
search.  I'm sure they will still want to buy the original certificates that pertain to
their family and which give more details such as job, residence and witnesses.

As usual, my data is indexed by 1st name, date and rite; irrespective of the last
name spelling; which unless stated, is McGilvray or McGillivray.  However, I
have not provided a cross-index by parent or spouse.  I recommend you use your
browser's search engine; eg. Yahoo's edit, search function.  Please advise me of
any errors or omissions.

  Roy McGilvray    Clan Shenachie

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