A History of the Clan

McGilvray of Pennyghael

of the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

- Introduction (PDF)
- Mull and Scotland prior to 1500 (PDF)
- McGilvray Fundamentals (PDF)
- Island Culture (PDF)
- Legends and Later History (PDF)
- Archibald (c1510-c1565) McIluray (PDF)
- Donald gorm (c1570-c1620) McIlwray (PDF)
- Martin (c1600-c1687) McIlvra (PDF)
- John (c1630-c1723) McIlvra (PDF)
- Alex (1684-1778) McGilvra (PDF)
- Hugh (c1730-1805) McGilvra (PDF)
- Alex (1783-c1853) McGilvra (PDF)
- Appendices- i. 1675 Rebels; ii. Lorne area; iii; 1716 Rebels (PDF)
- Appendices- iv. 1779 Census; v. Sasines; vi. McKinnons (PDF)
- Bibliography (PDF)
- Addendum (PDF)
- Map of Mull (PDF - Change your 'view' to 'facing page')