McG's on the SCOTTISH OPR's

    The OPR's are the Old Parish (i.e. church) Registers of b.'s and m's;
      with few d.'s (which the Scots tended to ignore and I didn't include).
    The originals of these records are in the General Register Office in
      Edinburgh and on microfilm via the Mormons.  These originals often
      give job, location and witnesses.  After 1854, the gov't collected this
      data as the Civil Registration.  My abbreviated McG data is provided
      for private, non-commercial purposes.  There is no attempt to infringe
      any copyright which may be claimed upon these materials.
    Unless stated, the spellings are McGilvray or McGillivray; but, it seems
      the IGI and the Scottish OPR index vary at times.  
    This info has been x-indexed by Spouse  and by Location. 

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