Ontario Civil Registration

McG b.m.d's

McG's in Ontario  BIRTHS: 

McG's in Ontario  MARRIAGES:  1850-1921 

McG's in Ontario  DEATHS: 

It should be remembered that people on the frontier had better things to do
than register such events with the gov't.  A contemporary estimated the
non-compliance rate in the 1870's at 67% of b.'s;  33% of m's; and 80%
of d.'s.  In the 1880's this fell to 30% of b.'s; 10% of m's; and 40% of d.'s.
He said there was still very poor reporting in some areas in the 1890's.  So,
don't be surprised if your family isn't listed.  You should check the census
for their religion and then determine if the pertinent church records exist;
at the Ont Archives or at that church's archives.

Marriages are searchable on
line. [clk on, my home p., my family history]

County Atlases were published c1870
which included township maps and sometimes names of land owners. [clk on, search, maps,
town (rt side), residents (btm)]

Indexes are being done and placed on the web.