Scottish Christian Names

Scottish Christian Names, by Dunkling, Leslie, 1978
       Roger Bacon and Geo Orwell both said 'people always grow up like their names'.

The Old Gaelic System of Personal Names, by A MacBain p.279
       Only about 10% of 1st names were non-celtic until the great
       influx of Teutonic influence in the 12th century.  Now foreign
       Christian names (i.e. Alex, John , Wm) make up 40% of the
       total.  John is the most common name; then Don, Alex, Wm.

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Adam: might = Ewan
 Agnes: latin form of Greek 'chaste'
Alan, Allan, Allen: Gaelic= Ailean: early Celtic
Alexander, Alec, Alex, Sandy: Gaelic= Alasdair, Alistair, Alastair
     Greek 'defender of men; a Scottish Royal name.
 Amelia; see Emily
Andrew, Andy: Greek 'manly'; Scotland's Patron Saint
Angus: Gaelic= Aeneas or Oanis; 'unique choice'
 Ann(e): Latin= Anna: Hebrew= Hannah; 'favour, grace'; or Joanna
Archibald, Arch, Archie: Germanic 'excellent, noble, true & bold'
     pure or bright bold
 Belle; see Isobel
 Catherine, Cath, Cathy, Katherine, Kathryn, Kitty, Katey, Katie:
     Greek "pure'  Catharine, Cathrine; Cassie, Cass. Kate, Kath
Charles, Chas: German equivalent of Andrew; 'manly': Gaelic=
     Tearlach 'well shaped'
 Christina, Christine; fem forms of Christian which is both m & f
      in Scotland; also Kirstan, Kristin, Chris, Christy, Tina, Cirsty,
      Kirsty, Teenie
Christopher, Christy, Kit: Gaelic= Gille, Criosd
Colin: Gaelic Cailean = 'a youth'  (=Nicholas)  (śMalc)
Daniel: Hebrew 'God has judged': early Scots erroneously once
     considered it to be the same as Donald
David, Dave: Hebrew 'beloved': Gaelic Dabhaidh; a Scots Royal name
Donald, Don: Gaelic Domhnall = 'world mighty' or world ruler
     &= Callum
Dugald: Gaelic Dughall, Dugal = 'black strangers' i.e. Danes.
Duncan: Gaelic Donnchad = 'brown warrier'
Edward: Ed, Iver
 Elizabeth, Eliz, Elspeth. Eliza, Lisa, Bessie, Beth, Betty, Betsy
     Elsa in German: Gaelic Ealasaid: Hebrew "God is perfection"
     In early times Isabel & Isabella were totally
     interchangeable with Eliz  or Lizzie
 Ellen, Elaine: English form of Helen
 Emily; Amelia
 Ena, Ina
 Euphemia, Effie, Effy, Euphie, Fanny: Greek 'well spoken of'
     Gaelic; Oighrig   (Ephric ?)  or Epha
Evan: see Hugh (but maybe Iver or Ed ??)
Ewan: see Hugh
Farquhar: Gaelic= Fearchar: Celtic 'very dear one'
Fergus: Gaelic= Fearghas: Celtic 'supreme choice'
Finlay, Findlay, Finlay: Gaelic= Fionnlagh; 'fair-hero'
 Flora, Florie, Flore: latin 'flowers': Gaelic= Fionnghal, Fionnaghal;
     Florence, Flo; modern, from Florence Nightingale - born in
     Florence, Italy   or Fanny, Penny, Penelope, Flora Ann, Florance
George, Geordie: Greek 'farmer'
Gilbert, Gil, Gib: Germanic= pledge + bright: Gaelic= Gilleabert
 Grace, Grizel, Grizzel, Grissel, Girzel
 Hannah; see Ann  (and possibly Una)
Hector: Greek 'prop or stay': Gaelic= Eachdhonn or Eachann; defender
 Helen, Helene, Ellen, Eleanor, Eileen, Nelly: Greek: Gaelic=
     Eilidh    shining one
Hugh, Hew: Germanic = 'heart, mind'  intellect, thought
     Join in Gaelic     Ewan, Owen: Gaelic= Eoghann (or Eoghan)
     or Uisdean or Aodh (altho these 3 are diff names they have
     some phonetic similarity in Eng
 Isabella, Bell, Tibby: Italian for Eliz; also Bella, Isobel, Isa
Iver: see Ed
James, Jim, Jaime, Jimmy: Hebrew for ?: Latin= Jacobus:
     Hemis in Gaelic
 Jane, Jean, Janet, Janice, Jessie, Joan: fem for John
 Johanna; see Ann  (& also see Jane)
John, Jack, Jock: Gaelic= Ian, Sean: Hebrew 'God is gracious'
     Ian, Iain or Jon: Gaelic for John
Joseph: Hebrew 'Jehovah increases'
Kenneth, Ken: Gaelic Coinneach = 'fair one'; 1st Scottish King
Lachlan: Gaelic Lachlann = 'fjord-land', i.e. Norway
Leonard: Germanic 'lion bold'
 Lorraine: French, from Joan (of Arc), the girl of Lorraine
 Louise, Louisa
Malcolm: Gaelic= maol-Caluim (or Chaluim) = 'shaveling or servant
     or desciple or devotee of St Columba'.  Often confused with
     McCallum - 'Mac-Gille-Chaluim' - SO the servant of Columba
 Margaret, Maggie, Peggy, Margo, Greta, Rita: Gaelic= mairead
     Persian= 'pearl'
 Maria; see Mary
 Marion; see Sarah  (& also see Mary)
Martin: Gaelic= Martainn or Bhartin: Latin= Mars 'God of War'
 Mary, Mamie, Molly, May, Minnie: Gaelic= Mairi, Moire: Greek=
Matthew, Mat: Hebrew= 'Jehovah's gift': Gaelic= Mathamach
Neil, Niel, Niall: Latin= niger 'black'
Nicolas = Colin
Patrick, Peter, Pat, Paddy: Gaelic= Padraig (Padhraig or Padhsaig)
     Latin= patricius 'Patrician', i.e. father or senator
 Penelope; see Flora
 Rachel; see Ranald
 Ranald: fem, Rachel
Robert, Rob, Rab, Bob, Bobby, Hob: Gaelic= Raibeart: Old Eng name
     'fame bright'
Roderick: old Germanic 'fame rule': Gaelic Ruairidh 'red'
Rory:  Roiri in Gaelic   also Rod'k
Ronald, Reginald, Ranald, Reynold: old Eng Regenweald: Norse
     Rognvaldr 'power might'
Roy: Anglicised form of Gaelic ruadh 'red'
Samuel, Sam: Gaelic Somhairle, Somerled, Sorley: Norse= summer
     sailor, i.e. Viking
 Sarah, Sara, Sally, Sadie, Susan: Hebrew= princess: Gaelic Mor
     or Morag or Marion or More
Stephen, Steven, Steve: Greek 'garland'
Thomas, Tommy: Aramaic 'twin', an Apostle
Timothy, Thaddeus: Greek 'honor God' Gaelic Tadhg
 Una, Unna, Oonagh, Oona, Ouna, Uny, Winifred, Agnes: Irish 'lamb'
Theodore; Ted
Walter: Gaelic Bhatar: old Germanic 'rule + folk'
William, Wm, Willie: old Germanic 'will, volition, helmet'
     helmet of resolution -i.e. energy in war

fair= bhane/bhomy etc
dark= mor or Dubh
young= Oig or og
little= Beag or Beg