My Family of Glasgow

This is a very brief synopsis of my own family which I include with
the hope that someone will be related and can help me solve its

John Sr +   Christian Wilson 
   wed 26 July/14 Aug 1818; Anderston Relief Church (w of  Glasgow)
  =Cath       2 Oct 1821
  =Alex      12 Feb 1824
  =Mary Ann  17 May 1826
  =John Jr   19 Oct 1829

John Sr was said to have been b. in Mull.  He was a porter in
Glasgow for at least the above decade.  Such humble work was the
usual fare for a 'foreign', unskilled, Highlander living in a big
city.  It would be comparable to that of a cabbie today.  In 1820
the average porter earned 2.4s for an 11 hr day.

This whole family (except for John Jr) disappeared after 1829; 
possibly due to cholera, but I have no idea what happened to them. 
John Jr showed up in 1841 in Cathcart (just s of Glasgow) as the 
adopted son of James Campbell and Cath McCallum.

John Jr  +   1. Ann Warnock 
   wed 17 June 1852; Cathcart
  =John Eadie    12/20 Mar 1855
       The last I have for him is the 1871 census when he's a
       lawyer's clk.  A family story is that he d. on the Gold
       Coast of Africa. (But, similar stories have proven wrong)
  =Wm Warnock    12/20 Nov 1857    d.1866
  =James Campbell   13 Jan 1860    d.1875
  =Andrew Warnock   10 Mar 1863    d.1864
  =David             3 Mar 1865
        wed 10 Jan 1900; Manitoba, Cda   (my grd-dad)
  =Alex             8 Sept 1867    wed 1908 in Manitoba
  =Cath Eadie       1 July 1869    wed 1894 in Manitoba

Ann Warnock d.10 July 1871; age 37, from a simple infection.

John Jr rewed   2. Helen/T Duncan 
   31 Oct 1871; Helensburg  (across the Clyde from Greenock).
  =Chas Duncan      25 Oct 1872    moved to Ont
  =Margt Campbell  26 June 1874    moved to Wpg

John Jr d.1899 in Manitoba.

His son David was b. in Glasgow but lived in Binscarth, Manitoba.
David's son John (my dad) lived most of his life in Neepawa, Manitoba.
I was b.1939, and have lived all across Canada.