McG's - Famous and Infamous

Please let me know of other candidates for this list of pre-1900
  eminent McG's.

 Rev Martin (c1600-c1687); Laird of Pennyghael

  Maintained the family's interests during the very turbulent years
of the English Civil War and the demise of the Duart McLeans.
He had at least 3, and possibly 5, wives; one of whom was charged
with piracy.  Although often in trouble (for fornication and for
conspiring with the Rebels) his abilities ensured his recovery.
Likely had a photographic memory.

 Lachlan (1719-1779; Dunlichity), fur trader of Georgia. 
    'Lachlan McG, Indian Trader' by Edward/J Cashin, Univ of
         Georgia Press, 1992.

 John/Jay (1827 NY - 1903 Seattle) lawyer and friend of Lincoln. 
    Was instrumental in many advancements of the welfare of
Oregon.  He was a man of absolute integrity, supreme courage
(both physical and moral), and exceptional tenacity of purpose. 
Papers and Picture in Burke collection at Univ of Wash Lib.

Alex (1750-1783) of the Creeks. The son of Lachlan, he became the most influential chief of the Creek Nation (Georgia and N'n Florida). He negotiated with kings, with Washington and with Congress. He disliked fighting, was very astute, and did his best for his people. 'MacGillivray of the Creeks' by John/Walton Caughey, 1938. 'Diplomat in Warpaint: Chief Alexander McGillivray of the Creeks', by Arthur Orrmont, 1967. 'Massacre at Fort Mims', by David Pierce Mason, 1975. Picture from Library of Univ of S Florida in Tampa.

Don (1862 Ontario - 1931) 'China Dan' Was an outstanding missionary and a prolific writer. His photographic memory helped him create the 'Bible Dictionary' in Chinese. Family from Mull. 'MacG of Shanghai' by Margt/H Brown, Ryerson Press, 1968 (Picture from this book)

James/Pittendrigh (1856-1938) author, painter and sculptor Born in Aberdeenshire but lived in Glasgow. Many works including the Gladstone statue in St Andrew's Sq. Edinburgh, and the John Knox statue in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. (Picture from Scottish National Portrait Gallery)

Wm (1796 Aberdeen-1852) the naturalist. Was one of Britain's greatest naturalists and wildlife artists. His 5 vol 'History of British Birds...' including superb illustrations, was praised by his good friend Audubon. 'The Life of Wm McG' by Wm McG Jr, 1910. 'Wm McG: the Naturalist' HMSO, 1993. Wm McG: 'A Hebridean Naturalist's Journal 1817/18', 1996. Wm McG: 'A Walk to London', 1998. (Picture from 'Vertebrate Fauna of the Outer Hebrides' by Harvie-Brown and Buckley)

Alex (c1719-1746) 8th Chief of Dunmaglass. Was asked to lead the MacKintosh Reg't (including the McG's) at Culloden. He fought bravely, but was killed in the hopeless fight. Don (c1715-c1746) a Jacobite Rebel There were a number of Don's involved in the '45 so I can't determine exactly who this one was. But, he was notorious enough to be remembered 75 years later.

The lyrics of the song.
Wm (1764 Dunlichity - 1825 London) the fur trader. Was the main partner in the NW fur trading co. operating out of Montreal. Fort William, Ont was named after him. 'McG, Lord of the NW' by Marjorie/Wilkins Campbell, 1962; 'Caesars of the Wilderness' by Peter/C Newman 1987; 'Company of Adventurers' (2 vols) by Peter Newman; and 'La Compagnie du Nord Ouest' (2 vols) by Robt Rumilly. (Picture from Campbell book)

Dunc (c1772 - 1808 Montreal) fur trader and explorer. The next younger brother of Wm (above). Also involved with the NW Fur Co and did great explorations in BC. Likely discovered the head-waters of the Columbia R. "Journal of Dunc McGillivray of the NW Co." with intro by Arthur/S Morton, 1929. Edward (1815-1885) 1st mayor of Ottawa (Cda's capital). A notable merchant and strenuous advocate of public improvements. Family from W'n Inverness. (picture from Ottawa Archives)

Rev Laughlan (1808 Daviot -1880) politician of NZ. The last laird of Daviot and claimant to the Dunmaglass title.

I have lots more details of each of these clansmen.