1716 McG Rebels

(SRO CS54/22/51 and 52)
A total of 44 McGilvray men were called to surrender their arms after the collapse of the 1715 Rebellion. The 31 from Mull compares to the 34 in 1675. As with the earlier list, it appears these names are likely those of rent paying tenants rather than the complete area fencible population (ages 16-60). The list was predetermined (from rent lists?), along with their place of abode, and they were checked off as they appeared. It is also considered unlikely that cottars and crofters would own guns. However, some of those listed had no arms and one is called old and poor; so it may in fact, be close to a census of fencibles. The following McGilvrays surrendered their arms at Mangarie (Mingary Castle on the southwest coast of Ardnamurchan) 16 Apr 1716. The relatively few McGilvrays on this list, compared to the following one for Mull, indicates very few non-Mull McGilvrays lived in Argyll rebel areas. Secure areas included Islay, Jura and Lorne. C = confesses he was in the rebellion S = suspected person N = not out in rebellion na= no arms ab= absent g= gun, s= sword, d= dirk, p= pistol, t= target (i.e. shield) Tiree. (2 McGilvrays) Wm McIlvra Ballivulline (sick) Don (his son) N na [There were also McIlvain and McIlbroid] Ardnamurchan. (6 McGilvrays) Don McIlvra Achateny (sent them in) C 1g John McIlvra Achateny S 1g,1s,1d Dunc McIlvra Braynanalt (Branault) S 1s,1d Pat McIlvra Suaradilmore (Sannamore) C 1s,1d Angus McIlvra Snaradilethaile (Sanna?) S 1s John McIlvra Girgadill (Grigadale) C 1s [There were also the names of McIllvriach, McIloife, McIlrioch, McIlvoyle, and McIlbroid] Morvern. 4 McGilvrays These men turned in their arms at Mingarie Castle, 18 Apr 1716. John McEan VcIlvorrie Savarie, Inenmore and Peinohomith ab John Cameron McEwn VcIlvorie Drumchragaig and Polcarran N na Angus McIllevorie Kenlochaline and Achaforfes old, poor ab John McIlvorie Knock and Gualchelis C 1s,1d (Kenlock took his gun) Coll. (1 McGilvray) Mildonich McGilcolm Freistland N na (Frisland) Angus McIlvorid alias Campbell Arnabost C 1s (Arinahost) Malc McGivolin Ffell (Foill?) N na [There were also some names from Mull; Lachlan McLean Kilvickeon C 1g,1s,1p Chas McLean Killinnaig C 1g,1s,1t,1p John Beaton Beach (Broloss) C 1g,1s,1p John McLean Creich (Ross) C (and other McLeans) Mull. 31 McGilvrays (15 aren't in Ross/Broloss area) Most McGilvrays surrendered their arms at Duart Castle, on 2/5 Apr 1716, in the presence of many Campbell officials. They also promised, upon oath, not to bear arms without the king's authority. [There were also the names of McIllihavith, McIlliclurie, McIlliclurid, McIlleveoll, McIlvoyle, McIlvoile, McIllinaine, McIlonoich, McIlbreide, McIlbroide and McIlwife] [It is interesting that there are no McGilvrays living at Pennyghael; only McIllephadrich; and none at Glencannel] Don McIlvra Ledmore N na John McIlvra Ledmore C 1t,1s Coline McErricher roy McIlvra Sunapole and Kilchreist C 1s ----- Arch McIlvra Kilpatrick C 1g,1d (Broloss has 1 of his guns; as did Hugh McBhodich of Beach) (This will be Don McLean of Brolass R?? Inniskenneth C ab John McIlvra Ardchraisnais N (Ardchrishnish) Wm McIlvra Tormbeg and Killennaig N Alex McIlvra of Pennigaile Carsaig (Stated to be in the rebellion) Dunc McIlvra Carsaig C 1s,1t ('He had a gun of his broytr (brother) Pennyghael; he got back from him') Don McMartine McIlvra Carsaig ab John McIlvra Ballimeanoch in Gribon N (n shore) Arch McIlvra Ballinahowne and Kilumoner N (n shore) Arch McIlvra Icolmkill na (With others keeping garrison at Carnbulg with the rebels) (Many from the Ross never showed up - names given but no comments) Hector McIlvra Suii ab Martine McIlvra Bunessan ab John McIlvra Ardtun C 1d (all he had) fferquhard McIlvra Asapoll N Neil McIlvra Asapoll N Duslne McIlvra Saorfein N Don McIlvra Saorfein N 1d Murdoch McIlvra Kilvikewn C ab John McIlvra Sheba N Dunc McIlvra Torosay ?? Bourg N (Burg ?) Don McDhoil Anafich alias McIlvra Keillemore ab Don bane McIlvra Keillemore ab 1g John McIllevorre Tyrorain ab ----- ffinlay McIllevorrie Kulay ?? N pt of a gun (Servant to Lachlan McLean of there) Malc McIlvorie Gualohelish, Torosay N (His son had a gun, in the melitia) Don McIlvorie Gualohelish, Torosay (He had his gun, in the melitia) John McIlvorie Achanaireig, Torosay (He had a gun, in the melitia) Patrich McIheorie Ardnadrochid?, Torosay ab John McIlvorie Kilpatrick, Torosay in militia