Writing, Scribbles and Poetry

Oh-mi-gosh! A visitor! Thanks for stopping in to take a peek at my writing stuff. I'll post more as time and bravery allows, promising to keep the mushy stuff about my kids to my private poetry journals. You will notice that my writing style comes from my heart, from observations and questions throughout my daily life.


  • My all-time favourite: Oddity of Nature (in HTML format with animated GIF)

  • One of my humorous results from attempts on writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month 2003, just after finishing my Artist's Way book-led course. (in PDF format)

  • February 2004 - My poetic review of a local production company's play called "Robert Service's Yukon Gold", based around nine of the bard's poems. Read it here: http://capletters.ncf.ca/caplet/2/index.html#yukon

  • September 2004 - A play on words about being alive since I am approaching the one-year anniversary of my life-altering event.


image - Ladybug thinking about... by Gis?le

image - in the middle of being alive

More poetry sprouting up in "This About That "

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