Star Wars Trilogy Toys

Like most countries around the world, the Kenner line of toys had a large influence on children in Canada. Kenner Canada, located in Toronto, Ontario, held the license for Star Wars toys in Canada from 1977 until 1985. Kenner Canada was actually a joint venture between Irwin Toy of Canada and General Mills/Kenner USA. Irwin Toy's mandate was to be the exclusive distributor of foreign toys in Canada. As a result, the Canadian market saw many foreign toys released in Canadian packaging under the Kenner Canada name in addition to the regular line that was released in the US. The Canadian Star Wars line ended abruptly in 1985 when the joint venture was terminated. As a result, Canada never saw the entire Power of the Force line in Canadian packaging, as well as several Return of the Jedi, Droids, and Ewoks items.

Canadian Star Wars items were only produced at about 10% of American volume levels. As a result, very few Canadian versions of vintage Star Wars items exist today. Canadian releases of Star Wars toys are unique in that their packaging is bilingual; consisting of English and French text in order to comply with bilingualism laws. This resulted in some very visually striking packaging designs over the course of the original run of Star Wars toys, especially with that of the Star Wars-era toys. It should be strongly noted that Canadian toys have only English and French writing on them; no other languages were ever printed on domestic Canadian-made Star Wars items. Many collectors confuse the multilingual European Star Wars items with Canadian items, especially the Meccano (France) releases. Canadian-made Star Wars items bear the Kenner logo with accompanying Kenner Canada address. In addition, Canada also received many other non-Kenner toy items that were exclusive to the Great White North, such as several plush toys made by Regal Toy Inc.

Kenner Toys   -   Regal Toys

Here is a selection of Kenner toys released in Canada from 1977 - 1985 inclusive:

Although Canadian items have English printing on one side, and French printing on the other, the items presented below will mainly show the unique French side. The English side of the Canadian items hardly differ from the American versions. The items found here have been submitted by many different collectors, and are not for sale.

Star Wars:

Action Figures
Carded examples of 12, 18 and 20-backs,
Large Size Figures & Special Multipacks


Landspeeder in SW box
X-Wing Fighter
X-Wing Fighter in SW box
TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter in SW box
Darth Vader TIE Fighter
Darth Vader TIE Fighter in SW box
Millennium Falcon
The Millennium Falcon in SW box
Special Offers
Special Offer items from the SW era
Die Cast
SW era Die Cast items


Death Star (chipboard)
The Sears exclusive Death Star in SW box
Death Star (plastic)
The plastic, tower Death Star in SW box
Land of the Jawas
Land of the Jawas playset in SW box
Creature Cantina
Creature Cantina playset in SW box


Give-A-Show Projector
The Give-A-Show Projector in SW box
Play-Doh set in SW box
Radio Controlled R2-D2
Radio Controlled R2-D2 in SW box
R2-D2 Bop Bag
R2-D2 Bop Bag in SW box
Light Saber
Inflatable Light Saber in SW box
Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol in SW box
3 Position Laser Rifle
3 Position Laser Rifle in SW box
SSP Vans
SSP Vans in SW box
Mini Action Figure Collector's Case    
The SW Mini Action Figure Collector's Case
Movie Viewer
Movie Viewer in SW box
Utility Belts
Canada exclusive Utility Belts


Board Games
SW era board games
SW era puzzles


The Empire Strikes Back:

Action Figures
Carded examples of 21, 31, 32, 41, 45 and 47-backs,
Sears Canada shrinkwrapped figures & Special Multipacks    


Rebel Armored Snowspeeder in ESB box
X-Wing Fighter
X-Wing Fighter in ESB box
TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter in ESB box
Millennium Falcon
The Millennium Falcon in ESB box
Imperial Troop Transporter
Imperial Troop Transporter in ESB box
Twin Pod Cloud Car
Twin Pod Cloud Car in ESB box
Slave I
Slave I in ESB box
Rebel Transport
Rebel Transport in ESB box
Scout Walker
Scout Walker in ESB box
Imperial AT-AT
Imperial AT-AT in ESB box
Radio Controlled Sandcrawler
Radio Controlled Sandcrawler in ESB box
Special Offers
Special Offer items from the ESB era
Die Cast
ESB era Die Cast items
Mini Rigs
ESB era Mini-Rigs


Droid Factory
Droid Factory playset in ESB box
Hoth Ice Planet
Hoth Ice Planet playset in ESB box
Dagobah playset in ESB box
Imperial Attack Base
Imperial Attack Base playset in ESB box
Darth Vader's Star Destroyer
Darth Vader's Star Destroyer playset in ESB box
Gun Turret and Probot Playset
Gun Turret and Probot playset in ESB box
Cloud City Playset
The Sears exclusive Cloud City in ESB box


Patrol Dewback
Patrol Dewback creature accessory in ESB box
Tauntaun (Solid Belly)
Tauntaun creature accessory in ESB box
Tauntaun (Open Belly)
Tauntaun creature accessory (w/Open Belly) in ESB box
Wampa creature accessory in ESB box
Darth Vader Collector's Case
Darth Vader Collector's Case in ESB packaging
Yoda Hand Puppet
Yoda Hand Puppet in ESB box
Electronic Laser Rifle
Electronic Laser Rifle in ESB box
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon accessory in ESB box
Vehicle Maintenance Energizer
Vehicle Maintenance Energizer accessory in ESB box
Radar Laser Cannon
Radar Laser Cannon accessory in ESB box

Micro Collection:

Death Star Sets
Micro Collection Death Star Sets
Hoth Sets
Micro Collection Hoth Sets
Bespin Sets
Micro Collection Bespin Sets
Micro Collection Vehicles
Mail-In Offer
Micro Collection Mail-In Offer
Unreleased Figures
Micro Collection Unreleased Figures


Board Games
ESB era board games


Return of the Jedi:

Action Figures
Carded examples of 65 and 77-backs,
ROTJ transition cardbacks


Speeder Bike
Speeder Bike vehicle in ROTJ box
B-Wing Fighter
B-Wing Fighter vehicle in ROTJ box
Y-Wing Fighter
Y-Wing Fighter vehicle in ROTJ box
TIE Fighter (Battle Damaged)
Battle-damaged TIE Fighter in ROTJ box
Millennium Falcon
The Millennium Falcon in ROTJ box
Snowspeeder in ROTJ box
Mini Rigs
ROTJ era Mini-Rigs


Jabba the Hutt
Jabba the Hutt playset in ROTJ box
Ewok Village
Ewok Village playset in ROTJ box


Rancor Monster
Rancor Monster in ROTJ box
Sy Snootles & the Rebo Band
Sy Snootles & the Rebo Band ROTJ box
Chewbacca's Bandolier
Chewbacca's Bandolier in ROTJ box


Board Games
ROTJ era board games
ROTJ era puzzles

Power of the Force:

Action Figures
The only Canadian POTF action figure: Yak Face                        



Action Figures
Carded examples of Droids action figures


Kenner Canada Prototypes
Prototypes as shown in Kenner Trade Catalogues                        



Action Figures
Carded examples of Ewoks action figures

The Regal Toy Company, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was an affiliate of Kenner Canada, and produced several Star Wars-era plush toy items. Regal Toy Company was established in 1959. In 1976, Regal was sold to Parker Brothers (General Mills) in the United States and continued production in Canada without changing the Regal Toy Company name. The company was sold again in 1983 and went bankrupt the next year. All of these items are relatively difficult to find with their original tags and accessories.

Plush Chewbacca (Small)
18" Plush Chewbacca

Plush Chewbacca (Large)
3' Plush Chewbacca

Chewbacca Hand Puppet
Chewbacca hand puppet


Plush Jawa
Plush Jawa with hand "squeaker"

Plush R2-D2
Plush R2-D2 with "squeaker"