Here is a list of Star Wars related websites. If you would like your website listed here, or if you find any broken links, please let us know.


The Official Star Wars Website
The Official Star Wars website contains news and information on the classic Star Wars trilogy and the Prequels


Ebay is the world's most popular auction site which provides Internet users the opportunity to bid on thousands of Star Wars items daily. Register Today!

The Star Wars Collectors Archive
The Star Wars Collectors Archive contains a plethora of information on vintage (and some new) Star Wars collectibles - Updated frequently

The Star Wars Toy Resource Page
The Star Wars Toy Resource Page contains in-depth information on vintage Kenner Star Wars toys

The European Star Wars Collectors Archive
The European Star Wars Collectors Archive takes a look at vintage European Star Wars collectibles

Kenner Canada
Kenner Canada contains information on vintage Canadian Kenner Star Wars collectibles focuses on vintage UK Star Wars collectibles

Kenner Toys
Kenner Toys takes a look at many product lines of vintage Kenner toys, including Star Wars

Star Wars Bible
The Star Wars Bible is a comprehensive site detailing all of the companies connected with the original trilogy. contains images and writeups regarding vintage Star Wars collectibles; Your Star Wars Toy news and reference site - Updated daily with current news about everything Star Wars related provides current news on Star Wars topics - Updated daily

Bounty Hunter Collectibles
Bounty Hunter Collectibles is a Canadian company that sells new and old Star Wars memorabilia (and in Canadian prices too).

Shane's Archive of Tattoos and Toys
Shane's Archive features some vintage Star Wars collectibles as well as many Star Wars related tattoos.

Shades of Grey
If you like Tattoos and Toys (above) then check out Shane's 'Shades of Grey', located in Edmonton, Alberta. Shades of Grey features not only tattoos, comics and toys, but offers appraisals of your collectibles as well! (formerly: Power of the North Side)
Snowtroopers is a Canadian website that provides news and discussion groups on Star Wars topics in Canada.

Star Wars Trader - New Zealand
News, Media, Articles, Links, Collecting & Buying in New Zealand.

SWNZ - Star Wars New Zealand
A great resource for New Zealand collectors with articles and news on both vintage and new Star Wars items in New Zealand.