Assorted Photographs

New Front Gardens
- with new stonework
- summer 2010

New Front Gardens
- left side
- summer 2010

New Front Gardens
- right side
- summer 2010

From South-East
Photo viewing building
from the South end of Dominion

South End
End view from
Plaza Towers Parking lot

A “Classic Look” Lobby,
Commencing Spring 2011

From West at Ground level
View from the lawn
North of the Plaza Towers

River View
View from Barclay
West Side

Another Sunset
Photos don't do justice to these

Were you here when ...
Those were the days my friend ...

Under surveillance
The Neighbours see us, hear us ...

Stromatolites at Dominion Station

Stromatolites at Dominion Station

Quebec-side of Ottawa River
North end of the Champlain Bridge

Ottawa River-bed - Quebec-side
Stromatolite field - close-up view

Social Occasions

Annual Barbecue Parties - July

Annual Holiday Parties - December

Barclay Artists Arts and Crafts Exhibit - 27 October 2002

Barclay Condominium Corporation 25th Anniversary Cake - July 2002

Superintendent Russell Young - 20 years of service - 27 February 2004

Russell Young's 20th anniversary cake - 27 February 2004