Invasion and
protection of 
on-line privacy.

A philosophical analysis of privacy and the Intternet. By Peter Timusk

Copyright Peter Timusk © 2001

Privacy if seen as a social value will help us protect it according too Deborah Johnson in Computer Ethics 3rd Edition. Privacy has not been proved to be a right. Privacy can be invade and protected. There is a new privacy act in Canada as of this year.

The author will explore these issues in this section of Web Page X. Using the facts gleaned from his essay on hacking namely that Kant's ethics can not defend privacy he will not explore the deontological ethics of Kant. He again will look at social justice and his own situation as a home user of computers.

Various countries protect privacy of their citizens in different ways. For the average Internet user the laws and values of at least more than one country should be known to act in cyberspace. We are citizens of the galaxy and as such we all need to respect each other and the laws of other countries as well if our computers even access web sites abroad. As a Canadian I grew up with access to American Television and hope my experiences with foreign culture will enlighten this look at on-line privacy protection and invasion.