Radical Orthodoxy

by Tony Copple

On 30 August 2007 I was driving home after seeing Wynne Lewis at Dominion Outreach Church in Ottawa, and as I always do at that time of the evening, tuned into CBC Radio's "Ideas."

Here is the program I heard part of, and it electrified me: On Radical Orthodoxy

Here's the blurb from the Ideas site:

    Thursday, August 30
    The modern world seems bent on its own destruction. A theological movement called “Radical Orthodoxy” believes it has uncovered the roots of the modern mistake. David Cayley talks to the movement’s founders and leading writers, John Milbank and Catherine Pickstock.

God is treated as an irrelevancy by the majority in today's secular state, partly because of a misinterpretation of the concept of the separation of church and state. Yet today there are signs of a return to a way of life where God's significance in every aspect of our lives in his universe is recognised. Radical Orthodoxy is a worldview put forward by some postmodern theologians to encapsulate and study this trend.

Here is Wikipedia's take on Radical Orthodoxy:
  • Wikipedia.

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