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Caution: Not all prophecy is from true prophets

I read "The Late, Great, Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey, and it was a factor in bringing me back to belief. Today, though we hear the Bible prophecies read from the lectern weekly, the significance and power of them has become obscured. Read books like "Daniel is out of order", and Hal Lindsey's books to savour the power of prophecy. The hundreds of old testament prophecies of the birth and life of Christ came true to the letter. We can assume that the hundreds of prophecies regarding future events - His second coming - will come true also. Archeologcal evidence continues to give substantiation to the words of the Old and New Testaments, as chronicled in the Jerusalem Christian Review.

Patricia King, founder of Extreme Prophetic, is one of today's most gifted interpreters of the Bible's messages for us in this changing world, and the signs and wonders the Holy Spirit can use to communicate with large numbers. Patricia can be seen on God TV in addition to her many conference appearences, including right here in Ottawa. In October 2008 Patricia sent out letter highlighting Dr. Sharon Stone's prophecy in the Summer of 2008 in Glasgow predicting the financial carnage of October 2008.

One of Canada's interpreters of prophecy was Canadian Grant Jeffrey. Read Grant's book, "The Signature of God", describing the elaborate codes apparently embedded in the hebrew text of the old testament, explored by recent powerful computer analysis. The many predictions coded there would seem not possibly have been placed knowingly by the writers of the text, yet they are coded in the text of almost every book, and continue to reveal events in our time! Not everyone is convinced however, with suggestions that books other than the Bible also reveal hidden codes when tested in the same way. Perhaps the sceptics have the upper hand, because I have never heard the secret codes mentioned in any church I have visited. But then, I've seldom heard the second coming preached, or miracles. Churches tend towards political correctness. My sympathies are with Grant Jeffrey, and the awesome power of God.

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