The Alpha Course is coming to Northwest One in January

The Alpha Course has become an international phenomenon, giving millions the Christian education they needed to address life’s big questions (Why am I here; what happens when I die, how can I have faith, how does God guide us, who is the Holy Spirit, etc). My wife Laurie-Ann and I have led Alpha courses in churches, retirement homes, pubs and a prison, in Canada and Africa. We are not pastors; we are lay leaders and missionaries. Now we live in Northwest One we feel urged to offer the course to our fellow residents in Poulin and Regina, and we have booked the party room in the link section.

We have set a start date of Monday 16 January at 6:30 for an introductory no-obligation session, and then every Monday for the next 3 months, last session 10 April. The evening consists of a meal, music, a video presentation, and then small group discussion. Alpha’s logo is a question mark, and you will have plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered. We will be using the very latest Alpha Film Series for the presentations. Although you should ideally attend all sessions, it is understandable if you need to miss the odd one.

Check out Alpha here: There is no cost for the course. Each session starts with dinner - a time for building relationships, a vital part of the course. We will have lots of fun, and you will look forward to each week with anticipation. Why not sign up right now at our Event Page on FaceBook, or call Tony at 613-302-7223? Please don’t wait till the last minute to contact us; we need to gauge the interest soon so we can plan the cooking.

Tony and Laurie-Ann Copple

Apartment 511, Poulin Building


Alpha Canada