Digital Voltmeter / Thermometer

Found an idea for a voltmeter installation on an XS from kumind. I bought a couple of these meters from Allied Electronics

Voltmeter: Lascar Electronics EMV1200

Thermometer: Lascar Electronics EMT1900

The voltmeter and thermometer are small enough to mount on the dash under the gas gauge and water temperature gauge. A single 7/32" hole for mounting and wires. Connected them into the switched lead for the left running light.
The thermometer can be wired to select centigrade or fahrenheit, and internal or remote sensor. I used a Radio Shack 10 kilohm negative temperature coefficient thermistor, part number 271-110 ($1.99 CDN although its Beta is a bit low) for the remote, located behind the fairing near the mirror. When it's set for remote, the thermometer range goes up (-20 deg C to 220 deg C instead of -10 deg C to +50 deg C with the internal sensor) but the resolution goes down (i.e. 25 deg C reads as 025C rather than 25.0C).

Bonuses, they're small, accurate and 'splashproof'. On the down side, there's no night lighting, and the voltmeter updates 3 times a second, so the voltage readings bobble around from 14.1 to 14.3 as the regulator modifies alternator output while riding.