More Modern Rear Shock

In the spring of 2007, ordered and received a new ZZR1200 shock and linkage from They disassemble Kawasaki ZZR1200s, use the engine and sell off the other parts new. The lower shock bolt and the 20mm x 32mm bushing from the linkage are needed to replace the Concours lower mounting bolt. It seems there are three things to do to get the mounting right.

The Concours top bushing is 28mm while the ZZR1200 is 29 mm, so it needs to be filed, about one blister worth (no pic of blister).

The Concours bottom dimension is 29mm while the ZZR1200 bushing is 32mm, so you need 3 mm worth of shim to keep the grease seals in place and the shock bottom centered on the bushing. I bought 2 x 3/4" ID, 1 1/4" OD washers, 1/16" thick, and dremeled them out to 20 mm ID to fit over the ends of the bushing.

Threaded the preload adjustor under the frame tube and up beside the right side of the battery. Attached a 1 1/2" corner bracket to the battery box to support the adjustor. Used the 6mm hex bolts which formerly held the air/damping stuff to attach the preload adjustor to the bracket. Pushed a Ty-Wrap through the frame hole behind the rear brake mount to hold the adjustor tube close to the frame.

Took the bike out for a Saturday morning ride, searching for bumpy stretches. I found that a shock designed in 2000 is much more compliant than one designed in 1986. A pretty good frugal match for the front cartridge emulator setup.