Seat Pads

Found the idea of using a sheepskin car wash mitt from Sumo on the COG forum. The mitt I bought was $6.97 CDN at Walmart.

I removed the cuff, opened the seams on one side and the top and sewed the ends of the remaining side seam to reinforce. This yields a bum-shaped seat pad about 9" x 13". If you're buying a mitt, be sure to look inside and choose one made of 2 pieces, not a number of little pieces sewn together.

I've tried the pad on a few longer rides, it makes things more comfortable and varied in dry weather, not much good in the rain.

Bought a beaded seat pad intended for car use from Canadian Tire, $9.99 CDN.

Disassembled and reassembled into 3 seat pads for the post-'93 Concours seat, about 13" x 13". Black elastic and metal hooks attach under the seat to the upholstery lip.

Great on warm days, allows air flow. Hope for good drainage in the rain, too.