Memory Foam Addition

As one of my 2011 Ottawa winter projects, I decided to tweak the stock seat on the 2001 Concours. The foam in the driver's seat slopes down front-to-back, while the seat cover curves up towards the back of the driver's seat, leaving a gap. Never much liked the downward slope or the gap, and I also have a pre-'93 seat, so I could still ride if things go south.

Removed the staples and cover, and the transparent plastic sealing layer underneath which is held by elastic between the seat pan and foam edge. Seems to be there for waterproofing, and unfortunately it was torn under the passenger seat area, probably from transporting camping equipment.

Bought a pillow made of memory foam, about 12" x 20" - only needed approx. 13" width. Using a cardboard template and a bread knife, hacked it down until it fit under the cover without bulging. Chopped little bits off with scissors for the final shaping.

Glued the new foam in place with Elmer's spray adhesive, good stuff, sticks well, stays flexible. Installed a plastic garbage bag for waterproofing, stretched and stapled the outer cover back on. The seat is now smoothly rising and there's no gap. My kind of project, $6 for the foam, $6 for the glue.

The memory foam makes the seat feel more luxurious when trying it out in the garage. It does make the seating position a bit higher. Need to test it for a longer ride or two.