Magnetic Tank Pads

Got the idea for magnetic tank pad from robrjohnson and bought the material from a local shop here in Ottawa, so I could go pick it up.

The material conforms nicely to the concave sides of the tank.

I shaped and stuck a few additional pieces on the back of the tank just above the seat where the jacket zipper would rub. The best part is they have colours, including glossy red for my red Canadian 2001 Concours, and other colours including Silverdammit (which they mistakenly call Silver Gray). The red is not a perfect match, but I prefer it to other choices, and a man running for his life would never notice.

Unfortunately, it's not as theft-proof as a normal tank bra which hooks under the tank. I'm hoping people just don't notice the pads - I mean, nobody steals the antler bracket covers, do they?

Conventional Tank Pads

Well, after (quite) a few years (March 2014), the clear coating on the magnetic knee pads had rubbed off some and the appearance went downhill. Purchased a more conventional set of knee pads (eBay $11.99 for a ZX14R), with little nubbies where the knee grips, and a generic tank protector (eBay $1.55). These stick on with 3M adhesive, look pretty good and work well.