Susan McMaster Poems

Recent Events

Actvities 2018

November 6, 2018, Ottawa: Heartwood Launch, 7-10 pm Vimy Brewing Company.
November 4, 2018, Sudbury: Wordstock, Clarion Hotel, 117 Elm Street, poetry panel.
October 14, 2018 Ottawa: Poets' Pathway Awards reading, Old Ottawa South Community Centre, Sunnyside, 2 pm.
September 22, 2018, Barrie: Barrie Manor, 2 pm.
August 9, Truro NS: Noveltea Bookstore & Café, 9 August, 7 pm.
June 30, 2018, Kingston: Poetry Tent, reading, City Park.
June 12, 2018, Toronto: Tribute to Gordon McClure, Fred Hamilton Park, reading 6-7 pm.
May 30-June 2, 2018, Cobalt: Spring Pulse Poetry Festival, reading and workshop.
May 5, 2018, Ottawa: Launch of Haunt (Black Moss 2018), author's home.
March 6, 2018, Toronto: "Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me”, w. Barbara Dyck (piano) artist, Tony Luciani.

Actvities 2017

November 26, 2017, Ottawa: Poets' Pathway collaborative concert at GigSpace with John Armstrong (Guitar) "Improvisions;" Barb Dyck (grand piano) "Gift to Be Simple".
November 25, 2017, Ottawa: CKCU interview and reading w. Chris White.
November 3, 2017, Sudbury: Wordstock Festival, reading.
October 24, 2017, Kingston: Modern Fuel Gallery, reading w. rob mclennan, Elizabeth Greene.
October 23, 2017, Kingston: Novel Idea, reading w. Bruce Kauffman, Chad Norman, Eric Folsom.
September 9, 2017, Ottawa: Poet's Pathway Celebration reading, City of Ottawa Archives.
August 26, 2017, Ottawa: NSFW series guitar/poetry concert with Adam Cicchillitti, guitar, composer Julian Boolean Bertino.
August 13, Ottawa: "Poetry in the Park" with Poets' Pathway.
May 9, 2017, Ottawa: Launch of Lizard Love: Artists Scan Poems by Susan McMaster (Borealis 2017), Tree Reading Series, Black Squirrel Café.
February 2, 2017, Ottawa: "Memory & Loss" anthology launch, w. Ronnie Brown, Kate Flaherty, Blaine Marchand, musicians Anne Hurley (voice), Jim Videto (voice/guitar), St. Patrick's Home.
January 15-22, 2017, Banff Centre for the Arts: Independent Artist's Residency (Writing); poetry reading.

Actvities 2016

August 28, 2016, New Westminster, BC: Newest Reading Series, Originals, 1:30 pm.
June 26, 2016, Maitland, Nova Scotia: Gallery 215, 8247 Hwy 215, Nova Scotia launch of Lizard Love: Artists Scan Poems by Susan McMaster.
May 14-October 1, 2016, Ottawa: "The White Show", Gallery 200, curator Maryse Maynard, featuring collaborative works with poet Susan McMaster, choreographer Cathy Kyle Fenton, artist Roberta Huebener, and composer Carmen Moore, 200 Crichton St., at the Ottawa School of Dance, vernissage/performance 14 May, 4:30 pm.
May 11, 2016, Barrie, Ontario: "Crossing Arcs: Gift to be Simple", poetry-music performance with Susan McMaster and composer Barbara Dyck for piano and spoken voice, with readings by Roger Bell and Dawna Proudman, Barrie Manor Senior Living, 340 Blake St., 7 pm. Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Society of Simcoe County.
April 2, 2016, Peterborough: Literary Salon, poetry readings by Susan McMaster, Blaine Marchand, Betsy Struthers, Lea Harper plus open reading, 1:30 pm.
January 26, 2016, Ottawa: Tree Seed Workshop "Hard Editing", 6:45 pm, Black Squirrel Books, Bank and Sunnyside.

Actvities 2015

30 November 2015, Ottawa: Poets' Pathway "Mosaic", poetry/music performance with Alrick Huebener (bass). Also participating: poets Ronnie R. Brown, Mary Lee Bragg, Colin Morton, and Michel A. Thérien, and musicians Ben Glossop, Vincent Parizeau.
8–9 November 2015, Durham and Owen Sound, Ontario: Words Aloud spoken word festival, premiere of poetry-music script "Crossing Arcs: Gift to be Simple" with piano composition by Barbara Dyck.
17 October–20 November 2015, Ottawa: "Text & Context – When Arts Meet, Meanings Seed", art exhibition by Roberta Huebener incorporating McMaster's poetry. Gallery 200 at The School of Dance, 200 Crichton St.; 1 November, "Reading • Music • Meet the Artists", Gallery 200, with premiere of "False Spring", lyrics McMaster, by composer John Gordon Armstrong (guitar), accompanied by Doreen Taylor-Claxton (soprano), and Pascale Lafrance (clarinet).
24 April 2015, Brockville: From Here to Infinity Art Gallery, Heather Cadsby, Susan McMaster, John Oughton.
19 April 2015, 4:55 am, Sudbury: Poetrain arrives on its cross-Canada journey. Roger Nash and Susan McMaster greet the train as it stops for three disembarking poets and leaves with Sue (who will get off in Gogama and return to Sudbury).
17 April 2015, Sudbury: Marymount Academy, 83 McNaughton St., National Poetry Month "Food and Poetry" reading for (W)rites of Spring, Kim Fahner, Susan McMaster, Roger Nash, Tanya Neumeyer, Daniel Aubin, Tom Leduc.
9 March 2015, Ottawa: Cafe Nostalgica, International Women's Day, reading "My mother Is Not My Child," based on Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer's, My Mother, and Me. Sponsored by the Arts and Human Rights Programme, University of Ottawa.

Actvities 2014 and before

16 January 2014, Ottawa: Railroad Reading Series, Pressed Café, launch for Portrait with Tulips – A Montage by Dean Steadman (Leaf Editions 2013), performed by SM with Dean and poet Lesley Strutt, wordmusic script by D.S.

25 April 2013, Ottawa: National Poetry Month reading at Verse Fest with Colin Morton, Artscourt.
3 April 2013, Ottawa: AB Series NPR reading with Colin Morton, Ottawa Public Library (Sunnyside).
5 March 3013, Twitter: "Canadian Poet of the day", nominated by Betsy Warland.
2 March 2013, Sudbury: Workshop sponsored by Sudbury Writers' Guild, at Sudbury Public Library.

29-30 September 2012, Kingston, ON: Kingston Writers Fest, launch of Desperately Seeking Susans (Oolichan 2012) with Susan Golding, Susan Gillis; and moderator of panel "Only Connect" with Stephanie Bolster, Don McKay, Ken Babstock, Phil Hall.
28 September 2012, Ottawa: Reading at Poet's Hill to support the Poet's Pathway, Beechwood Cemetery.
25-27 July 2012, PEI: Black Moss Poetry Tour of PEI at libraries in Charlottetown, Summerside, and Montague, with poets Marty Gervais, John B. Lee, Marilyn Gear Pilling, Hugh MacDonald.
15 July 2012, Selma, NS: Reading at Gallery 215.
9-12 May 2012, Toronto to Cobalt, ON: Readings and events with PoeTrain Express, Spring Pulse Poetry Festival.
2 March 2012, Ottawa: Reading by Susan McMaster, Bruce Taylor, Pearl Pirie, Urban Legends, at VERSE FEST, Arts Court.
16 February 2012, Ottawa: Geode Music & Poetry, with Susan McMaster, Alrick Huebener, Jennifer Giles, David Broscoe, John Higney, Mike Essoudry, Dean Steadman, AB Series, Avant Garde Café.

15 March 2011, Sudbury: Reading, Main Public Library.
21 March 2011, Sudbury: Reading, Marymount Academy, host Kim Fahner.
22 March 2011, Ottawa: Reading from Crossing Arcs for Alzheimer's caregiver's group, Alzheimer's Society.
7 April 2011, North Hatley, Quebec: National Poetry Month reading, North Hatley Library.
15 April 2011, Cobourg, Ontario: 2011 POW! Poetry Festival, Black Moss Celebration reading with Mary Ann Mulhern and rob mclennan, Cobourg Library.
19 April 2011, Ottawa:Launch of I Feel Great About My Hands (Douglas & McIntyre 2011), with ed. Shari Graydon, Susan Delacourt, Susan Harada, Renate Mohr, National Arts Centre Fourth Stage.
June 2011, Selma, Nova Scotia: Reading Gallery 215.
15 October 2011, Sudbury: Reading and Sudbury Writers' Guild Workshop on "Memoir in Prose and Poetry", Greater Sudbury Public Library.
5 November 2011, Ottawa: Small Press Book Fair, League of Canadian Poets Book Table, Jack Purcell Community Centre. 9 November 2011, Selma, NS:The Yellow Church, reading, host Anthony Kawalski.
12 November 2011, Maitland, NS: PK Page Trust Fund Reading, Bing's Eatery, Hwy 215.
16 November 2011, Ottawa: Poetry Reading, Lord Lansdowne residence, 920 Bank St.
6 December 2011, Ottawa: Reading from Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer's, my mother, and me, Alzheimer's Society of Ottawa.

9 February 2010, Ottawa: Workshop on Poetry, Music, and Worship, Quaker retreat, performance with Linsey Wellman.
9 February 2010, Ottawa: Cube Gallery, donation of book that was auctioned off in a fundraiser for Haiti.
26 February 2010, Sudbury: Laurentian University reading, LUminaries Series.
23 March 2010, Ottawa: Panel on "Poetic Meaning" with Sinya Queras, Erin Moure, Rob Winger, TREE.
28 March 2010, Ottawa: Workshop on autobiography with Dusty Owl series (Wikipedia).
9 April 2010, Windsor: Launch of Paper Affair: Poems Selected and New, University of Windsor.
9 April 2010, Windsor: Essex High School and Vincent Massey High School readings with John B. Lee.
10 April 2010, Amherstburg: Double-launch with poet John B. Lee.
13 April 2010, Ottawa: "Notes on Performance", for poets, TREE.
18 April 2010, Kingston: Launch of Crossing Arcs, Novel Idea bookstore, with Johanna Skibsrud.
28 April 2010, Ottawa: City of Ottawa 55+ Short Story Contest (Judge), readings, Heron Seniors' Centre.
29 April 2010, Ottawa: Black Moss Poetry Train, Ottawa Station, arrives from Windsor with Marty Gervais, John B. Lee, Marilyn Gear Pilling, Mary Anne Mulhern, Roger Bell, and Bruce Meyer for random acts of poetry.
29 April 2010, Carleton Place, ON: Black Moss workshop and reading, with above poets plus Terry Ann Carter, Ronnie R. Brown, Betsy Struthers, Susan McMaster, Read's Book Shop, 130 Lansdowne.
30 April 2010, Ottawa: Black Moss 40th Anniversary Reading & Book Launch, Mother Tongue Books.
5 May 2010, Ottawa: New Edinburgh Square, 420 Mackay.
5 May 2010, Ottawa: MayWorks reading, with Ronnie Brown, Emily Olding, and Kikki Bradshaw, Umi Cafe, 610 Somerset W.
26 May 2010, Peterborough: Launch of Crossing Arcs and Paper Affair, Titles Bookstore, 379 George St. N.
27 May 2010, Peterborough: Poetry Salon.
29 May 2010, Beeton: Black Moss poets at Beeton Honey & Garden Festival.
2 June 2010, Ottawa: Reading at rally for Peace to oppose the CANSEC Weapons Bazaar, Lansdowne Park, including poets from Ottawa and Montreal, plus readings from Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action. Irene's pub. See also Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and Poets against War.
7 June 2010, Ottawa: Launch of Paper Affair: Poems Selected & New (Black Moss 2010) at Mother Tongue Books.
9 June 2010, Ottawa: Alzheimer's support group.
23 July 2010, Orillia: Reading with Black Moss poets Marty Gervais, Betsy Struthers, Bruce Meyer, at Leacock Summer Festival.
22 September 2010, Antigonish NS: St Francis Xavier University, English Department, with Jeanette Lynes.
25 September 2010, Summerville NS: The Avon Emporium, 1 Wharf Road.
26 September 2010, Selma NS: Gallery 215, reading in conjunction with Nova Scotia "Culture Days". 1 November 2010, Ottawa 2010: Poets' Pathway Beechwood Plaque Unveiling, Poets' Hill, with Arc Poetry Magazine and Archibald Lampman Award Reading and reception, with Blaine Marchand, Barbara Myers, Colin Morton, and Craig Poile, Beechwood Cemetery building.
6 November 2010, London: Poetry Cafe: Launch of Pith & Wry with Betsy Struthers, Terry Ann Carter, and Penn Kemp, London Public Library, Landon branch Landon Public Library calendar.
7 November 2010, Hamilton: Lit Live, with Betsy Struthers, Sky Dragon Centre.
14 November 2010, Sudbury: Launch of Pith & Wry, with Monique Chenier, Timmins poet, Roger Nash, Poet Laureate of Greater Sudbury, and Susan McMaster. Le Grand Ciel Bleu.
18 November 2010, Sherbrooke: Morris House reading series, Bishop's University Bookstore.
23 November 2010, Ottawa: Launch of Pith & Wry, in conjunction with the TREE Reading Series, Arts Court Library, with P&W contributors Dave Margoshes (Saskatchewan) and Colin Morton (Ottawa).
9 December 2010, Ottawa: Reading from Paper Affair: Poems Selected & New and Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry, at Mother Tongue Books, with Nina Berkhout, who was launching Arrivals and Departures (Buschek 2010).

2009, Unitarian Arts Night Series, Unitarian Church.
2009, AB Series, Gallery 101, with Penn Kemp.
2009, Poet's Pathway "Concert for Bill", National Library, including a performance of "Prayer" set by composer John Armstrong.
2009, Mother Tongue Books, launch for Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer's, My Mother, and Me.
2009, TREE Reading Series, from Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer's, My Mother, and Me.
2009, TREE Reading Series, with Kate Eichhorn.
2009, Gallery 215, Selma, NS.
2009, Avon Emporium, Summerville, NS.
2009, Windsor Book Festival, Windsor.
2009, Art Bar, Toronto.
2009, The Bookstore Cafe with Alrick Huebener, Camden East, ON.
3 December 2009, Montreal, The Yellow Door.
2009, Ottawa, Interview for Crossing Arcs with Alan Neale on "All in a Day", CBC radio.
2009, Ottawa, Interview with Mitchell Caplan on CHUO radio.
2009, Ottawa, Participated in the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair.
2009, Ottawa: Donated to a fundraiser for the Ottawa International Writers' Festival, leading to a workshop with a group of Ottawa poets.
2009, Ottawa: Judge for competitions including the League of Canadian Poets' Lampert Award for Best First Poetry Book; the Carleton University George Johnston Poetry Award and Lillian I. Found Poetry Prize; the TREE Origami Crane Poetry Contest; and a grant jury.

2007, Halifax, Shoe String Reading Series, Seahorse Tavern, host Dave Rimington.
2007, Wolfville, NS, Acadia University, host Heather Pyrcz.


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