Jack da Vinci Spong

Early this week browsing though the shelves of the local Chapters... I stumbled upon a book in the Da Vinci Code section of the store. It was an anti-Bible sceed...

I wondered what it would say about Romans 1 and homosexuality. The brief section I read surprised me... the writer claimed St. Paul was both homophobic (anti-Gay) and Gay ! Clearly the writer seemed to regard the supposedly "ambiguous" Romans text with a certain amount of clarity and distaste.

I returned the book to its respected place in the anti-Christian corner beside "The Pagan Christ", "The Jesus Papers" and of course "The Da Vinci Code".

At home, I Googled the authors name (some fellow named Spong...) I was stunned... from Barnes and Noble: "About the Author: John Shelby Spong was the Episcopal Bishop of Newark for twenty-four years before his retirement in 2000.... He is one of the leading spokespersons for liberal Christianity. "

It goes on with more shocking news... "The Sins of Scripture by John Shelby Spong, April 2005"

"These biblical texts, according to Spong, are not the incontrovertible Word of God, but flawed human responses to perceived threats. An incendiary example of this is Spong's assertion that Paul was a closeted gay man whose anti-gay statements were motivated by little more than his own self-loathing. Spong does not stop there; in the course of the book he suggests that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married; that none of the supernatural events described in the Bible took place (including the resurrection); and that theism itself is a misunderstanding of God."

If the above is true... is it any wonder the Episcopalians are nearing a meltdown ?

Did Spong ever renounce his Christianity ? Does he still recite the Creed ? Is he some kind of New Age Christian ?

Only half in jest I ask... Should Anglican Bishops upon elevation enroll in a mandatory Alpha Intro. to Christianity course ?

Blessings !
- Peter W, Ottawa

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