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1 April 2015
Cynthia Lennon: 1939 - 2015

Sat 7 Feb 2015, 4 and 8 pm
Let it Be - a celebration of the music of the Beatles
"By far the best Beatles show yet"
Centrepointe Theatre 613-580-2700
Will sell out ...

11 Oct 2014
As tweeted - ‏@tonycopple
When Will The Beatles Special Be Released?
If you tuned in to "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America — A GRAMMY Salute" last February (see notice below), you know that the event was surely a night to remember. And you probably want to remember it forever by owning an official recording. Unfortunately the release seems to be bogged down by royalty and licensing negotiations, since the artists agreed to play without these being tied up in advance. Bless them for doing that, but let's send a clear message to the Grammy's and other stakeholders that fans want a permanent record of that great night (which I missed because I was in England where the event was ignored.)
Release the DVD of The Night That Changed America

4 Sept 2014
50 Year Anniversary of the Beatles coming to Canada
To mark this anniversary, Michael Enright and the CBC Radio 1 producers dug deep into their 'Rewind' archives and came up with a lot of fascinating historic material.
Listen here:

26 May - 2 June 2014
From the folks that brought you Give Peace a Chance: the photographs of Gerry Dieter, compiled by Joan Athey, this historic event will inspire you and bring you peace and joy, combining John and Yoko's soujourn in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel with the couple’s subsequent visit in December 1969 when John came to testify at the Le Dain Commission of Inquiry into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs.
Here are full details of the event

Thurs, 8 May 2014, 9:00 pm
Jonesey and the GreyTones play Long Tall Sally
Where: Maxwell's, 340 Elgin Street
$5 cover charge
After lovingly re-creating Beatlemania in November 2013 and Twist and Shout in February 2014, Jonesey and the GreyTones will be covering the third, and last, Canadian only Beatles LP, Long Tall Sally, released by Capitol Records of Canada on May 11 1964, almost exactly fifty years ago. This exciting album closes the first act of the Beatles' incredible journey through the 1960s. So come and get your early Beatles fix and rock out Cavern Club style at Maxwell's.
Jonesey and the GreyTones: Paul Johanis, Jim Devlin, Gib Rozon, guitar and vocals; Myk Hewitt, bass; Michel Cloutier, drums
Jonesey bio and website

Sat, 3 May 2014, 9:30 pm
Jonesey and the GreyTones play The Savage Young Beatles
Where: The Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong Street, off Parkdale
No cover charge
Mach Shau: The Beatles in Hamburg Before they were big stars, the Beatles went over to Hamburg, Germany five times over a three year period from 1960 to 1962, playing hundreds of shows in the not so nice clubs of the red light district, where the German patrons loved high energy rock and roll, almost punk rock twenty years before Punk. One of the early club owners would yell at them "Mach shau", make a show, meaning get wild and crazy, which is what we plan to do, well as much as our old bones will let us, covering the songs they played on their last trip to the Star Club in December 1962. No better place to do this particular show than the Carleton Tavern! Jonesey and the GreyTones - Paul Johanis (Jonesey), Jim Devlin and Gib Rozon on guitar and vocals, Myk Hewitt on bass and Michel Cloutier on drums - will also be playing Beatles tunes from the Long Tall Sally album and other mid-sixties rock.
Contact: Paul Johanis,, 613-513-8372
Jonesey bio and website

Thurs, 20 February, 8:30

Beatles vs Rolling Stones!!
Jonesey in association with FAB GEAR 64 presents 20-50-60, a celebration
20 Anniversary of FABGEAR 64
50 Anniversary of the British Invasion and everything Beatles in North America
The Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones tribute), AND Jonesey and the GreyTones (Beatles tribute)
Also: Project 64: Both bands get together to cover other great 1964 rock hits
FAB GEAR 64 Mod fashion show
Photo exhibit and talk with rock photgrapher John Rowlands
WHEN: February 20, 8:30 PM
WHERE: Greenfields Pub, 900 Greenbank Road
Tickets: $10 at the door or in advance at
Band info:
The Dead Flowers
with Terry Tufts, Kathryn Briggs, Ken Workman, Sean Burke, Don Kenny
Jonesey and the GreyTones
with Jim Devlin, Myk Hewitt, Paul Johanis and Gib Rozon (and Uncle Bob Cabana sitting in)
Contact: Paul Johanis,, 613-513-8372

See brief video and a photo.

Feb 9, 2014
The Night that Changed America
GRAMMY Beatles Special being filmed Jan 27, the night after Paul & Ringo perform at the Grammys, will air Feb. 9 on CBS at 8PM EST. The two-hour CBS special to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's legendary debut performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" will feature some of today's finest artists.
Grammy's Beatles TV Special

Jan 26, 2014
The Grammys, as if you didn't know.
Paul and Ringo performed.

Jan 30, 2014, 9:00 pm
Jonesey presents "Twist and Shout, a tribute to The Beatles second Album"
Maxwell's Bistro, 340 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Cover: $5

On February 3, 1964, Capitol Records of Canada released the Beatles second album here in Canada, which they called Twist and Shout. It actually contained mostly the same songs as the Beatles' first album in the UK, called Please Please Me, released almost a year earlier. But Beatlemania had exploded since then, the Beatles were to appear on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9 and everyone was scrambling to put everything Beatles out there. This is another uniquely Canadian release, with unique cover art and liner notes. This is where we learned that George enjoyed egg and chips and that Ringo's ambition was to own a string of hair salons. Charming!
Jonesey and the GreyTones, which will include, in addition to Jonesey (Paul Johanis), Jim Devlin on guitar and vocals, Myk Hewitt on bass and Michel Cloutier on drums, will also be playing Beatles tunes from the Beatlemania! album and other songs featured on the Beatles' appearances on the Ed Sullivan show, 50 years ago...
Contact: Paul Johanis,
Jonesey bio and website:

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Mon Jan 20, 2014
A new Beatles box set called the U.S. Albums shows Canadians got a better deal from the early Beatles than fans across the border. Read the story:

The day Canada heard the Beatles
How Paul White brought Love Me Do, Please Please Me, From Me To You and She Loves You to the Great White North
Ottawa Citizen by Bruce Ward