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By Personal Invitation Only

"In Business for yourself"
Tuesday Oct 7, 7:30 - 9:00 pm Cafe Rose, 300 March Rd, Kanata

This was held in front of a specially selected audience of clients of the members of the Kanata Group, people with an interest in business - their own - part time or full time.

The program was as follows:

The new Ontario Fair Tax System                             Dennis Date
The business as a retirement plan, and the "E" Myth         Eric Sonego
Lifestyle business vs the Bill Gates model                  Ray Ayres
In partnership with your Bank Manager                       David Johnstone
Employee Benefits: a vehicle of investment for your company Racal Spracklin
10 foolish things business people do to mess up             Tony Copple
The subject matter was designed to be somewhat more focused than you would expect at a regular professional/financial seminar. We would particularly draw your attention to the first item on the program. Did you know that you will soon be feeling the effects of the new Ontario Fair Tax System, and they may be painful? Our intention is to give you real value with no sales gimmicks - most of you are already our clients. The information presented was not complex, but is not well understood by the general public. If it were, many problems might be avoided.

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