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Epicure Selections
------------------ Gourmet foods
     * dips and dressings	  Carlyn St. Louis
     * herb and spice blends	  599-5786
     * salsas and vinegars	  E-mail
     * baking essentials	  Web 
Turn the everyday into gourmet, simply by opening a jar.  Hundreds of 
wonderful time-saving products to help you create classic or contemporary
dishes.  You may even find a rewarding business opportunity... 
Bethesda Renewal Centre
----------------------- High quality maple syrup   bethesdarenewalcentre.org
    1/4 L:   $4.00      Rob & Sherry Milnes 
    1/2 L:   $8.00      257-4587
    1L:     $15.00      bethesda.renewal@gmail.com
    2L:     $29.00      253 Lowe Rd, Ashton
    4L:     $55.00
    50 ml (pretty little maple leaf bottles) $2.50
    Prices will change; the above is a rough guide only

See also Bethesda Holy Land

Ci-Phi Farm
----------- Free Range animals
	    E-mail: ciphi@sprint.ca
3671 Highway 15, RR1, Packenham, tel 613-256-7915
     * Pigs, chickens, ducks
     * Goats, turkeys, rabbits
     * Horses, sheep, cats, dogs 
     * acres of trees
This is a truly humane farm where all the animals have the run of the
land, and live happy lives cared for by Phil and Cindy Warland.  Every so
often a pig, chickens, ducks, or rabbits are slaughtered to order. Free range

My Catering Group
-----------------  Derick Cotnam, 613-227-3303, MyCateringGroup.com
     * Gourmet Food on wheels
     * Ideal for events, such as golf tournaments
     * Social gatherings, corporate or private     

Ottawa Cocktails
----------------  Steve Benson, 613-863-8794, ottawacocktails.com
     * Drinks of all types privided for your event
     * Flair bartending (What's that? See link above)
     * Hospitality professionals and consulting
     * Corporate and private parties
     * Cocktail creation - in home and office edu-tainment