Financial Services as a Career

Why is financial services, and the investment sector in particular, such an attractive field to move into right now?

Demographics is the key. The first of 10 million Canadian baby-boomers have now reached their half century. As the rest of them follow, for 15 years, all concerned about their retirement income or lack of it, many millions will be invested. Much of the money, $1-trillion, will come from their parents, a generation of savers.

They need help to know where to invest it. After all, in today's world of reducing interest rates (also the boomers' fault) and falling house values (you guessed it), yesterday's investments are not performing too well.

Since the financial services industry is booming, it's a great place to find a career.

Within the industry, Investors Group has always led the way in attracting Canadians' investment dollars. It has attracted the best trained and the largest group of financial planners in the country. If you decide to take a look at Investors as a career in financial planning, I would be happy to arrange an interview.

Before you start your career in Investors, we'll check your skills and background carefully, to help ensure your success should you be selected. Before you start here, you'll receive your mutual funds licence after home study. Once accepted by the company as a representative, you'll receive intensive training, off, and then on, the job, including obtaining your level 1 insurance licence through Advocis. Over the first three - four years you will be working for your CFP - Certified Financial Planner qualification. This can be done as a conventional night-school course or by correspondence course to the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning. They run a Student Page on the Net for fellow students to discuss the assignments. All the time you are becoming more and more proficient in the fascinating business of helping people with their personal financial goals. The sky's the limit for your earnings...

To get the ball rolling, call me, Tony Copple at 591-3903, or e-mail.

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