Audio and a little video

Since age 15 I've been fascinated by high fidelity sound reproduction. That means I still love things like reel-to-reel taperecorders and 78 rpm records. In fact I still collect both, from garage sales.

In Ottawa, I would like to sing the praises of Bao Nguyen, of Centek Electronics, C5-2285 St-Laurent Blvd, K1G 47Z, tel (613) 738 8787. Bao can repair virtually any audio or video device, and recently did a great job on my Revox. The part came from Hall Electronics; see below.

If you are involved in sound systems in churches, you may like to know that there a Canadian company that specialises in training people to operate church audio consoles and solve audio problems: Sound Advice. In Ottawa, Mark Warren Sound is recommended for concert audio and audio problem solving.

Laurie-Ann, my wife, attended the Algonquin School of Radio Broadcasting in Ottawa, from 2010-2012. She currently designs and produces radio ads for Mountain FM and other Vista stations in BC. Both of us have been on-air show host volunteers at CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa. Through her studies at the college L-A began using Audio Audition 3 for mixing, and used it to bring a more professional approach to her CKCU programs. (We have PCs rather than Macs, for which other audio editing suites are available.) Now she is in BC, I have checked out the capabilities of Cool Edit Pro, the system that Adobe bought and turned into Audio Audition. But Cool Edit Pro continues on its own development path, and some prefer it to Adobe Audition. It can be downloaded for a free assessment, but finalization costs about $250.

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