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I just upgraded to Natty Narwhal. It was an experience.
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Now it wants to upgraded the applications. OMG, 8 hours! Then, after thinking about it a bit, it said 10 hours. Better and better. OK, let it run for a bit longer. Gee, it's down to 2½ hours; does that sound familiar?
So I sat there and watched it for 1½ hours. Then I had to go out but I left it running. Came back in about ½ hour and a dialogue box had popped up. After clicking OK, it said there was 1 hour left. In other words, it had just popped up shortly after I left. Why couldn't just go ahead without any need for user interaction? Bad, Natty, bad!
Finally, after a few more pop-ups, it was done. Time to reboot.
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When to the Ubuntu's forums and searched there. Nothing. OK, see about customizing the menus. A few postings. Hmmm, can't create custom menus in Unity. Can get other applications by typing their name. If I wanted to do that, I would use a terminal.
OK, logged out. Looked at the bottom of the login screen. Chose "Ubuntu Classic" and logged back in. Bye, bye Unity, hello GNOME. All my menus and desktop are back. No more Unity for me.
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