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Working as a contractor has given Shawn years of experience in various types of programming. His experience enables him to develop state-of-the-art programs that are both comprehensive and functional.
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Shawn is active in the Perl community. He frequents the beginner Perl mailing list, providing answers to the many questions that are both complete and insightful. This is just part of Shawn's volunteer history of teaching computer skills to those willing to learn, starting in high school and continuing in his community, to the present day of helping others on the web.
Recovering from an illness that did not allow him to hold a full-time job, Shawn was still active in Perl, creating two CPAN modules: PDF::Kit and Sub::Starter.
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The CPAN module, Sub::Starter, was written by Shawn to provide automation and consistency to the creation of Perl subs. When writing Perl scripts, it is much easier to write a usage statement, showing the general usage of the sub, than it is to write the sub. Using the script, substarter, a programmer allows the computer to do the work of creating a skelton from the usage statement; saving his time for more involved efforts. It also has the advantage of providing consistency to the code since all programmers will be using the same template to generate the sub's skeltons.
In the CPAN modules, PDF::APIx, there was no ability to create paragraphs that had multiple changes of style. PDF::Kit was written by Shawn to answer that need. It allows unlimited change of style, breaking the paragraph in to lines and providing left, right, centred, and full justification of the text. With it, the Perl programmer can create applications that generate PDFs in the manner required in today's world.
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