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  To use these paintings for light fun therapy, enlarge them on your computer screen or print them out if the colours are accurate.

Choose the colour that most appeals to you in this moment, not necessarily the one that you would normally choose as a favorite colour. Look at it and tune into it and how it makes you feel. Enjoy it thoroughly. Tune in to its beauty and mystery and to the motion of the strokes. Get a sense of the momentum of the strokes and how they make you feel. Use your imagination and let yourself be carried off into the colours and by the motions of the colours or off to another land made of that colour/motion. i.e. imagine yourself climbing the endless blue crystal lines or rocking inside the orange and yellow circle or hopping from circle to circle, or surfing the green waves and letting them go on unto infinity. Have fun with the visualization.

You will find that on different days and in different mood states that the colours you choose will vary.

Here are some examples of writings from people who have responded:

“I had a heaviness in my head which was a borderline headache. I chose to tune into the violet one and enjoyed the spiralling upward and slowly the heaviness started to lift and then I went into a quiet comtemplative mood.”

“One day I was feeling anxious and on edge. I sat and tuned into the green colour because it felt so alive and strong. It sparked my imagination and I felt mystery and joy. I wanted the green waves to go on forever and to be swept away by them. I went away after ten minutes or so feeling content and centered.”

“I felt frustrated and discontented. Normally I would be attracted to the blue or the violet. But on that day the yellow and orange better expressed the explosive hard-to express messy feelings that I had. They wanted movement and action and validation. I let my mind go there and then got very inspired and motivated to paint.”

Please email if you have an experience with any of these six colour therapy paintings that you would like to share. Thank you.