The Table Vegetarian Restaurant, 1230 Wellington St.W
June 4th – July 2nd, 2017
Hand-sculpted Bas-Relief Paintings

Artist's statement:

These figures came easily to my hands as I was doing my favorite thing: sitting on my porch in the country, listening and watching nature awaken. As the polymer clay shaped itself I could literally feel in my own body the places that my hands sculpted. Allowing the meridians to flow if only in effigy, the yoga postures offered self-healing energy. Crystals and swirls, glass and color speak the secrets of connection with self and creation.

Soul Essence cards available at the exhibit

Says the artist, “good art like good music and literature subtly transforms those who are responsive to it into new levels of awareness. It has a quality which communicates a message which is universal enough to engage its viewers in active imaginative reconstruction of the whole of the original and on-going thought processes of the artist. The artist is a catalyst. The beholder is an active participant who furthers the conversation. A vibration is created between the many-faceted mind of the beholder and the many-faceted piece of art.”