Larry Lavitt
Lipton Colony

Lipton Colony (1904-1935)
cemetery NW7-23-12-W2
Herzel No. 1503 SW30-23-12-W2 (1906-1959)
Jeshurun No. 1913 NW22-22-13-W2 (1907-1952)
Tiferes Israel No. 1442 SE13-23-13-W2 (1905-1935)

Map to Lipton Colony
Saskatchewan Jewish Cemetery Project
Life in Saskatchewan from a Jewish View

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Lipton, Saskatchewan Jewish settlement

"The Regina Jewish Community will be celebrating its 95th Anniversary in 2001 and its 100th in 2006. The Planning Committee will be kicking off this special event with the Commemorative Celebrations of the Jewish Pioneers who settled in Lipton Colony, Northwest Territories.

"In the spring of 1901, 100 Jews arrived from Romania in what was then Canada's Northwest Territories to settle in the newly formed Jewish Agricultural Colony of Lipton. Other settlers arrived later from Romania and Russia and together they shared the hardships of disease, harsh climate and poor farming conditions.

"By 1905, the Colony had established a Jewish cemetery and organized the first of three schools. Although many settlers left to seek a better life in larger centres, the Lipton Colony remained a close-knit community throughout the Great Depression and the Second World War. The last burial in the Lipton Cemetery occurred in 1951.

"There are many people who had relatives living in this area or who are buried in the Lipton Cemetery. A heritage package is in the process of being created - history, immigration, personal biographical stories, etc."

Please contact:

Beth Jacob Synagogue through their email contact form on their website:

Lipton Commemorative Jewish Celebrations Committee
Beth Jacob Synagogue
4715 McTavish Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 6H2
Telephone: (306) 757-8643
Facsimilie: (306) 352-3499


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