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Introduction to the Raber Family Tree

The Raber Family Tree information was originally researched and compiled on paper by Marilyn Becker of Middlesex and Ben Raber of Winnipeg. Ben Raber also provided the basis for this brief outline. These two existing family trees were integrated and entered onto a computer database by Larry Lavitt of Winnipeg. Corrections and additions can be sent to Larry Lavitt.

The furthest that at present has been traced back is Keeva Raber, in the eighteenth century, and whether he had brothers or sisters, as well, is not known. He moved into Selishche (Ludvipol) from Bereznits, and had three sons named Beryl, Hershel and Issac. Refer to the Yizchor Book Ludvipol (Wolyn): In Memory of the Jewish Community, edited by N. Ayalon and published by the Ludvipol Relief Society of Israel (Actively Assisted by the Landsmanshafts in the Americas) in Tel-Aviv 1965. This and approximately 200 other Yizchor Books are available at the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, with selected titles available at local Jewish libraries.


Beryl (Barnett) was married to Sarah and both were known as Ruber, then Rabinovitch, as subjects of Russia. They had no less than nine children, Gutel, Shifka, Gnase (who was the second wife of her uncle Isaac), Keeva, Motl, Arel, Rochel, Fanny and Malka-Sarah. Shifka's daughter Faige and Gutel's son Avrum married.


Hershel Raber, the second son of Keeva, had two sons, Zaidle and Yukl, and three daughters, Shifka, Gnese and Sheindel. Zaidle and his whole family perished in Poland except for a granddaughter, Tayble, who went on to live in Israel. The Rabers in Israel are in close contact with her. Yukel Raber and his family, except for two daughters, all perished in Poland during the Holocaust. On daughter, Sonya, is living in Israel, the other daughter lives in South Africa. A grandson of Yukel's, Joseph Raber, also survived and is now living in Sweden. Sheindle and her family perished during the Holocaust. Shifka and Gnese both lived in the United States, one in New York and one in Philadelphia. We understand that the one that lived in New York was Zack or Sack by marriage, now thought to be deceased, but her family is still living there including one of her sons who is said to have a drugstore there. Nothing else is know about the one said to live in Philadelphia.


Issac Raber is the third son of Keeva. He had three daughters by his first marriage, Gitl, Malke and Gnese. Gitl and Gnese lived in Berezna, and Malka lived in Selishche. Malka and all her family perished in the Holocaust. Gitl died before the Second World War began, and is survived by a son, Rubin Lesick, who lives in Chicago, and a son, Motel Lesick, who lives in Argentina. Gnese and her whole family, except for her son Yarichin, perished in the Holocaust. Yarichin is now known as Jerry Good and lives with his wife and family in London, Ontario.

After Issac's first wife died her married Gnase Raber, the third daughter of his brother Beryl.

After the death of his second wife Issac took a third wife, Edith. Issac and Edith had one son, Avram who now lives in Winnipeg. Avram has three children, Israel (Sunny) Raber, Edith Gardner and Gloria Polsky, all living in Winnipeg.


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