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MY PROJECTS [DIR] Jewish Farm Colonies 25-Oct-1996 - [DIR] Louis Slotin 25-Oct-1996 - [DIR] Family Tree 01-Dec-1998 - [DIR] 1954 Winnipeg Rams 25-Oct-2004 - [DIR] Sam Lavitt 31-Oct-2004 - [DIR] [RVP-NCR | VPR-RCN] 28-Sep-2015 -
ARCHIVED PROJECTS [DIR] NSHL 12-Oct-1996 - [DIR] Compensation 16-Jul-2001 - [DIR] BNPHI 14-Sep-2002 - [DIR] St. Andrew's 560 08-Apr-2004 - [DIR] Jobs Site 27-Oct-2008 - [DIR] Local 70155 12-Jan-2011 - [DIR] Danielle's Journey '13 13-Jan-2013 - [DIR] Team Ottawa 06-Jun-2013 - [DIR] Pick your dreidel ! 17-Dec-2014 -
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