Ravens in aerobatic flight

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Play the video below to watch ravens in aerobatic flight over a hill near Kanab, Utah, USA. The clip has three parts:

Fig 1. Video of ravens in aerobatic flight, near Kanab, Utah.

The ravens didn't appear to be feeding. Wikipedia says that crows do a sort of aerial jousting to establish a pecking order. Others have suggested it is courtship or pair-bonding behaviour, or simply playing (it certainly looks like fun!).

This was mid-May in 2008, at around 6pm.

Reader comments

Hi Jim, I just saw the same thing here in Edmonton on a cliff overlooking the river valley. It was amazing. Had to do a google search to see if I was the only one who has seen this. Glad to see I'm not. :)

Sherry (Edmonton, Alberta) 2012-Feb-5

I saw some crows doing similar soaring and aerobatics over a row of trees at the edge of a field, in Ottawa.

Jim (Ottawa, Ontario) 2012-Oct-5

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