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Housebreaking Report: 03-Dec-17
Latest Indoor Pee: 20-Aug-17
Latest Indoor Poo: 30-Aug-17
Best Run: This one since 30 Aug.
Is Hayley housebroken?  I think so.  It's over three months now of no indoor "accidents" with consistent "asks" to go out, many of them productive.  Yeah, some were just for the fun of it.  If you're interested, read our housebreaking how-to page.

Hayley's second You Tube appearance is in this promotion video for Ginny-Regina-Howard's gig at Zola's last night.  The song title fittingly translates from the Portugese as By the Light of Your Eyes. And here's her You Tube debut.

19 Nov: 1st Snow

7 Nov: 6 months

7 Oct: 5 months

Doodle Romp
(& brother) Oct 1

7-Sep: 4 Months
Morning Walk (even after bath).
Sat-26-Aug-17:  Milestone.

Finally, a poop in the woods.  We were teased this morning when she stepped off the cut grass to poop just inside the woodsy part of the lot, but the milestone was achieved later in the afternoon when she pooped on a walk in the woods.  On earlier walks I told her the pristine forest is her en-suite.  She got it!


Hayley slept right through the night, third in a row.  I'm going to miss outdoor pees together.  (Ginny insists I sign this...George.)


Hayley comes on command nearly perfectly.  So to get her to walk into the woods without a leash, I called her to come whenever she stopped, and rewarded her with a liver treat.  Success?  Not really.  I taught her to stop every 10 feet instead of every 20 yards.  Meanwhile by the way, she thinks I'm a pretty quick study.


Ginny spots red in Hayley's stool.  Panic?  A closer look turns up Ginny's ear plugs, missing since the day before.


Registered for the Bytown Dog Obedience Club classes to start on September 9th.  Will be making yet another trip to the vet this week to a) buy some Heartgard and Nexgard lumps, and, b) to make sure Hayley's vaccinations are in time for her obedience classes.


Inner hind legs treated for a crusty rash.  Anti- and probiotics, a topical, and this: (next photo) But CBC comes in clearly.

AM IO Report

Went outside right after breakfast, by invitation but sans hesitation. Scored three using a predictable point system.


Jumped on to the bed. Didn't even seem surprised.

7-Aug: 3 Months

16-Jul: 10 Wks

Hayley's Super-Hero Origin Story

Hayley was one of three female and five male Labradoodles born on May 7, 2017, to Frosty and Kodiak at Canadian Doodle Puppies. We brought her home on the 14th of July.