Hello, this is the last incarnation of Matthew Suffidy's downloadable items page.

My e-mail is now: msuffidy@hotmail.com

For those of you that heard of the story about me using dialup, I did eventually switch to ADSL.

My Youtube videos are here.

Art or Decorating

If you want higher quality versions of these they are available.

Untitled (no1)

Sun (no1)

Impossible Equinox



A Space Girl - using Blender and its sculpting tools

A Rainy Day


The Orange Girls

Orange Girls (Meditate)

Orange Girls (Fountain)

Orange Girls (Blur)


CZ-101 Librarian. This is used with Casio CZ-101s to deal with patches.

Modern Day Windows Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro (gameport) Driver.

Arduino source to transmit the NEC IR protocol


Some Times Things Don't Work out So

Acid Summer

Last Earth

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