Be not too attached to your beliefs. Although they may serve you, you are not their servant. Published by Living Space Press Printed on acid-free recycled paper ISBN # 09685953-1-6 218 pages — 6” x 9”

A true story, genuine,

inspiring and full

of LOVE.

  André Gendron,

Circle Publishing, Sedona AZ

Soulhaven reminds us that

accepting who we are, means

taking personal responsibility

for our God-Self.

Manon Duguay,

‘La Publithèque Imagi’ Montréal QC


This book relates a wonderful and intimate journey of one person’s quest for greater understanding.

Soulhaven describes a series of rich earthly experiences, few of us will ever have a chance to live. These experiences were integrated at a time when a generation of young and not so young seekers, questioned the fundamental values of life and the society we live in. Through the captivating adventures exploring the author’s colorful outer realities and her ability to maintain a strong connection with her sixth sense, she enriches us with a deeper comprehension and contemplation of her inner realities.

Soulhaven is an inspiring and beautiful journey about sensibility and magic in our lives. It is also a reflection on our evolving new perceptions and awareness about the true meaning of our human experiences on this planet.

Denis Manseau,

Publisher of the magazine ‘Cheminement’