My Robot

The Robomagellan Version

last updated: june 5, 2012

tn_a001 (4K) tn_DSCN0515b (2K) tn_DSCN0516b (12K)

The Behavior

The behavior is divided into 5 states. It starts in Standby state and switches to other states depending on the situation


Beginning Middle End Avoid Obsticle


It can be hard to tell what the robot is thinking while it's running the course, so it transmits information to the wireless terminal. To avoid information overload, single characters are sent at a rate that is easy to interpret.

The numbers in magenta show the number of the waypoint the robot is trying to get to. The letters B,M,E and X show what state has just become active. The G in red means the heading has been recalculated using the GPS. The digits indicate the remaining distance to the waypoint in metres and are sent at the rate of 1 per second. Only the tens digit is shown.


The robot heading for a waypoint (Note: the back and forth motion has been corrected)


The source code

By the way, did you notice the spectator in the top picture? Most people don't.