Quadracycling in Ottawa

My Quadracycle

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP

On I ordered our quadracycle from Rhoades Car of Tennessee. It was delivered on , in lots of time for the spring cycling season here in Ottawa, Ontario.

At that time Rhoades made touring quadracycles in single seat, two seat and four seat models, plus a line of industrial-use quadracycles called "Go Boy", as well.

My quadracycle is a Rhoades 4W2PCP. This designation translates to "Four wheels, Two People, Coupe".

Both seats are independently adjustable fore-and-aft and both sets of pedals work independently, meaning both can be in different gears or one person can stop pedaling and coast if they like.

Here is a quick run down on the specs for my quadracycle, measured by me.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP Coupe
Length, overall 87" (2.21 m)
Width, overall 55" (1.40 m)
Height, overall (to seat tops) 40" (1.01 m)
Wheel base (wheel length) 57" (1.45 m)
Wheel track (wheel width) 50" (1.27 m)
Base weight (plus options) 115 lbs (52 kg)
Actual curb weight as delivered 159 lbs (72 kg)
Actual curb weight with lights and plywood cargo deck installed 166 lbs (75 kg)
Cargo area W43" X D24" (1.09 X 0.61 m)
Construction Jig welded 2" square steel tube 0.0598" wall (16 Gauge)
Finish Powder coated Rhoades Blue
Wheels 20" 105g spoke
Tires 20" X 2.125 whitewalls, street knobby tread
Axles solid steel, with keyway
Ground clearance 5 inches (12.7 cm) to rear derailleurs
Headtube steering angle (kingpin) 8 degrees forward rake
Chain size 1/2" X 3/32"
Transmission compound, two derailleurs with 42 speeds per side
Gear range 15 to 77.5 gear inches
Reverse "Flintstone"
Brakes dual rear discs, cable actuated
Parking brakes dual integral to disc brake actuator levers
Top speed (level ground) 27 km/hr
Top speed (hill) 40 km/hr
Cruising speed 23 km/hr
Slope climbed 17.2% grade (9.75°)
Crew height range (with two range holes) approx 5'7" to 6'8"
Warrantee 2 years parts

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP


I selected the following options from the long list Rhoades has available to make this the most capable street or off-road quadracycle:

Other options available that we didn't take include:

It is possible to add most of these options later, but I haven't found that I have needed them. Myr aim was to keep the vehicle as light and as simple as possible.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP with right-hand shifter modification


Rhoades Cars are very easy to modify - you can bolt or weld just about anything on them. I have tried to keep mine as "stock" as possible and so have only done the following modifications to my quadracycle:

I have more information and pictures of my quadracycle in our quadracycling on-line diary and also in my photo gallery.