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My Rhoades Car Videos

My Rhoades Car 4W2PCP

My Rhoades Car 4W2PCP Winter & Summer

Ruth & Jane Quadracycling the Colonel By Drive

Adam & Ruth Quadracycling the Colonel By Drive

Adam & Lynn Quadracycling to Hogs Back Falls

Adam & Lynn Quadracycling the Colonel By Drive, with Jane on the Catrike Trail

Information About Rhoades Cars

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP

Rhoades Hacks - modifications at Peterman.net

Holly's Rhoades Car website - photos on the 4W2PLF long frame and trailers, too!

Joey Wallace's Review of the Rhoades Car 4W1P Single Seater and his 4W1P photo gallery

Account of ordering and using a Rhoades Car 4W1P By Ned Goudy

Essay analyzing Rhoades Car 4W1P by David King

Yahoo Group for Rhoades Car Owners

Conversion of a Rhoades Car to a pick-up truck by Bike Forest of Waterloo ON

Other websites that have useful information about quadracycles

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP

Murray's Trike Links - Trikes, Quadracycles (4-wheelers)

The Animas Quadracycle - Part I - YouTube video

The Animas Quadracycle - Part II - YouTube video

The Animas Quadracycle - Part III - YouTube video

The Deltoyd - A Homebuilt Quadcycle - YouTube video

Armed quadracycle

Bike Forest's rather odd four seat Family Truckster quadracycle

Mochet Velocar website

Wikipedia article on historical and modern quadracycles

Wikipedia article about Rhoades Car

Quadracycling manufacturers links

Account of constructing an amateur-built quadracycle

Video of a quadracycle race on You-Tube

The Soul of a Pedicab Chauffeur by Carl Etnier

Quadracycle manufacturers

Rhoades Car 4W2PCP

Some interesting cycling websites

Ruth bikes

Manual Mobility - Bikes, trikes and wheelchairs

Ottawa Velo Outaouais - Biking around Ottawa and the Outaouais

CargoCycling.org - a website that catalogues everything about bikes that haul loads

The Velomobile as a Vehicle for More Sustainable Transportation by Frederik Van De Walle PDF document (1.3 MB)

Velo Hospitality Canada

La Route Verte - Quebec's 4300 km biking network

Copenhagen Cycle Chic - Mikael Colville-Andersen's website

Copenhagenize - Mikael Colville-Andersen's website

Legalities Websites

City of Ottawa Traffic and Parking BY-LAW NO. 2003 - 530 Regulation 84 Vehicles Crossing Sidewalks, Boulevards and Curbs PDF document (300 kB)

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER H.8

Ministry Of Transportation of Ontario definition of bicycle and summary of rules

Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Power-Assisted/Electric Bicycle FAQs

Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Cycling Skills and Regulations Summary

Some websites about living without cars

Ottawa Critical Mass

Get a Car or Get a Life - Car-free thoughts, Events and Links

Wikipedia article on the Car-free Movement

World Car-free Network

Car Busters Magazine

Carfree.com - the web site that goes with the book Carfree Cities

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