Quadracycling in Ottawa

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On the Rideau Canal, just off the Col By Drive

Here are pictures of our Rhoades Car 4W2PCP quadracycle and the places we have been.

In we built up a good set of photos and added a few new ones in . In early we stopped adding new photos and instead focussed on creating stories that include photos in our Quadracycling in Ottawa on-line diary.

A Beautiful Day on the Colonel By Drive

Today we took our friend Jane along for a ride on the Colonel By Drive.

Ruth and Jane rode the Rhoades Car while I took my bicycle. That gave me a chance to get some photographs along the way.

The day was beautiful, if warm and humid. Jane enjoyed her ride and even had a try at steering for a while on the 30 km trip into the downtown.

Have a read though our diary entry for the full story.

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On Hunt Club RoadRuth and Jane on Hunt Club Road.

Kayaking on the Rideau CanalKayaking on the Rideau Canal.

The Rideau CanalThe Rideau Canal.

TroopsTroops marching along the canal.

Jane and Ruth at U of OJane and Ruth at University of Ottawa.

Jane and Ruth at U of OJane and Ruth at University of Ottawa.

Jane and AdamJane and Adam at University of Ottawa.

Busy timeLots of traffic on the Colonel By Drive.

Colonel By DriveJane takes the wheel, southbound on the Colonel By Drive.

Colonel By DriveRuth and Jane head south on the Colonel By Drive.

Lock-keepers houseNineteenth century lock-keepers house on the Rideau Canal.

First day back on the Colonel By Drive in

The Victoria Day long weekend means many different things across Canada. For many people it is a gardening weekend, the first that generally guarantees no frost in most places. For many Ottawa cyclists the long weekend marks the first Sunday morning closing of Ottawa's parkways to motor vehicles and opening up to cyclists, skaters, joggers, skateboarders and every other non-motorized means of getting around.

Today was a wonderful morning for the first bike day. It was cool in the morning, but warmed up quickly. As usual we saw lots of people out on the Colonel By Drive and spoke to lots of people about our quadracycle.

You can also read our on-line diary entry about this trip.

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RuthRuth takes a break on the Colonel By Drive

Rideau CanalThe Rideau Canal was just filled with water recently, ready for the boating season

Slow moving vehicle sign Our quadracycle from the back during a break

Adam & RuthA jogger happily offered to take a photo of us both!

Fair JeanneAn interesting scene on the canal - the Fair Jeanne Brigantine

TrikeThe Colonel By Drive is used by many interesting cycles, in this case a tadpole trike

Dows LakeA view of Dows Lake and the pavillion from the Col By Drive, with the Gatineau Hills in the background

TulipsTulips along the Colonel By Drive. This weekend marks the end of the Canadian Tulip Festival here in Ottawa

Ruth is happyRuth is happy with her cup of espresso

RuthRuth takes a short break before we leave the Colonel By Drive and head out onto the roads again

Ruth is smugEverybody talks about high gas prices, but very few do anything about it!

The Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetland

Today was a beautiful sunny fall day in Ottawa, with temperatures over 20C. So we took the Rhoades Car and headed to the newest "park" in our area - the Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetland. It is almost a park, but not quite.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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Entering the SCCWWe have just entered the Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetland, made it through the mud and onto the pathway

View across the main cellThis is a view across the main cell towards the wetland, looking northeast.

Water level regulation damThe water level regulation dam between the forebay and the main cell

The price tagThe price tag

Ringbill Gulls on the main cellRingbill gulls floating on the main cell

Across the main cell - some other cyclistsA family of cyclists on the pathway across the main cell

The wetland is very close to the O-Train stationThe wetland is actually just adjacent to the Greenborough O-Train station, although there is no access from there

Near the north end of the wetlandOn the pathway near the north end of the wetland

The forbay looking northThe forebay, looking north

The Forebay damThe forebay dam - it is notched to regulate water height and flow

Fall coloursFall colours on Airport Parkway

Near the bridge over the south end of the forebayNear the bridge over the south end of the forebay

BridgeThe bridge at the south end of the forebay

MapMap of the layout of the whole Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetland

Gordon Koppang reviews the PAV-3 trike

Gordon Koppang from Lethbridge recently got a chance to evaluate the PAV-3 trike and wrote a complete review comparing it to his Rhoades Car 4W1P single seater.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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The PAV-3The PAV-3 trike showing the layout and features.

On the road - RAV-3 and Rhoades CarKen and Gordon swap rides. Always in touch with his inner dork, Gordon manages to be photographed – yet again - with his pants tucked into his socks.

PAV-3 vs Rhoades Car 4W1PA blustery fall day in Indian Battle Park. Ken on the PAV-3, Gordon on the Rhoades Car 4W1P.

Bye Bye Colonel By - at least for 2007

Today was the last Alcatel-Lucent Biking Sunday on the Colonel by Drive. We were there, met lots of people and took some photos.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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At the side of the roadRuth at the side of the Colonel By Drive with the Rhoades Car

CyclistsCyclists on the route.

Near The Second Cup on LaurierParked in a parking space near the Second Cup on Rideau

Ruth crosses the roadRuth crosses the road after finding out the Second Cup was out of frozen coffees!

At the side of the Col By DriveWatching the traffic zoom by

Crowded roadIt was a busy day on the road, with lots of bikes

SkatersThere were lots of skaters, too

Cyclists on Col ByThe crowds increased as the morning wore on

On the Rideau CanalRuth by the Rideau Canal

Canal RitzThe Rideau Canal and the Canal Ritz in the background

Recumbent Rans bikesTwo Rans recumbent bikes

Peter and BrianPeter with his Rans V long wheel base and Brian with his Rans Rocket short wheel base

Gordon Koppang's Seat Replacement Project photos

Rhoades Car Owner Gordon Koppang sent us the story of switching the "standard" plastic Rhoades Car seat on his 4W1P single seater for something better. We thought we would share his photos with you here.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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Gordon's old seatThis is the "factory standard" seat that Gordon Koppang started with.

Gordon's new seat from Canadian TireThis is the new seat that Gordon got from Canadian Tire.

Gordon Koppang's quadracycling photos

Rhoades Car owner from Lethbridge Alberta, Gordon Koppang, sent us some photos of his 4W1P single seater Rhoades Car and agreed to let us share them with our readers.

There is more information in our on-line journal entry for 20 August and 26 August.

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Freight haulerThe 4W1P can really haul furniture!

The whole familyThere is room for the whole family, or at least the nieces!

Compared to an Alberta pick-up truckIt gets better fuel economy that the average Alberta pick-up truck although it can back up over you!

Smarter CarAnd is smarter than some other car choices

Dog HaulerEven the dog has a seat

A Beautiful Morning on The Colonel By Drive

Today was another gorgeous Sunday and a chance to cycle the Colonel By Drive. The season is growing short and there are only a limited number of Sundays left, so there were lots of people out biking, skating, jogging plus many more ways of getting around.

We ran into some friends whom we had met before out there and also met quite a number of new people who stopped us to ask about the quadracycle.

There were lots of interesting ways of getting around and we took some photos of them.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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Talking to TonyRuth talks to Antonio about his eBike

Tony explains the e-bikeAntonio explains the finer points

Tony's eBikeAntonio's "Stong" brand e-Bike

Peter with his new Rans VPeter showed up with his brand new Rans V long frame recumbent. It is fast and looks very comfortable.

Only 32 lbsAdam checked out the weight of the aluminum-framed Rans - just 32 lbs!

Ruth stops for a drinkRuth watches the roller-bladers go by on the Colonel By Drive.

Girl rollerbladingA rollerskater on the Colonel By Drive

Bike trailerTrailer bike

Along the canalRuth takes a break next to the Rideau Canal

BannersCity of Ottawa banners celebrating the city's 150th anniversary.

Ruth takes a breakThat slow-moving vehicle certainly makes the quadracycle more visible from the rear

Rideau CanalView of the nearly calm Rideau Canal facing south.

Quadracycle along the canalOur quadracycle parked next to the Rideau Canal

AdamAdam takes a break along side the Rideau Canal

Rideau CanalThe serene canal, looking north

Pine Grove

We decided to try visiting Pine Grove Park in the Ottawa Greenbelt on Monday. This is a place where we often ski in the winter.

It wasn't all that far and the trip took us just 25 minutes on the rural roads. There was a route into one of the trails that we were tempted to try out, but decided not to go this time.

After that we went to visit our truck at the shop. It has been there for two weeks now. Full story in our on-line diary.

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At Pine GroveRuth takes a break for some water at Pine Grove.

AdamAdam with the quadracycle.

It was tempting!The entrance to the trail.

Adam & RuthAdam & Ruth with the Rhoades Car 4W2PCP at Pine Grove.

Ruth at the entrance signRuth with the quadracycle and the obligatory photo with the sign announcing the park.

Colonel By Drive

The things you see and the people you meet on Alcatel-Lucent Bike Sundays in Ottawa!

Today was a great day to be out on the Colonel By Drive for Biking Sunday. Unlike last weekend it didn't rain. Unlike the weekend before that (Canada Day) the event was actually "on" this time and not canceled!

We met lots of great people who stopped us to as about our quadracycle and saw some pretty interesting ways of getting around - as the photos show. The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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Recubent bikeHere is a look at an interesting bike - a Quetzal Misterio recumbent with under-seat steering and 105 gears!

Recumbent bikeThe owner, Peter, explains the Quetzal Misterio to us.

Cross Country SkaterThere were also cross country skiers on the drive.

Hand-powered trikesAnd also hand-propelled trikes, too.

At Second Cup on LaurierWe got a close parking spot at the Second Cup on Laurier. The parking spot was too small for a car anyway.

Taking a rest on Colonel By DriveRuth takes a break on the Colonel By Drive on the way home again.

Tiger LiliesThere were still some Tiger Lilies blooming along the canal.

View of the Rideau Canal looking northA view of the canal looking north. This was a rare calm spot on a moderately windy day.

Riverwood Park, Mooney's Bay and Hog's Back Falls!

We took a little local trip today, covering 21.2 km. We explored some local urban neighbourhoods and also Riverwood Park. We ended up at Hog's Back Falls and then Mooney's Bay for a picnic lunch.

At Mooney's Bay we watched the workers setting up for this weekend's Beach Volleyball Tournament. Judging by the number of Porta-Potties they have, they are expecting large crowds!

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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In the parkWe took the time to explore a local undeveloped park. The gravel trail was perfect for us to cycle on.

Still in the parkHere is another shot of Ruth and the quadracycle in Riverwood Park.

View south on the RiverThis was the view across and south on the Rideau River, when we finally found it deep in the park.

Ruth was having funRuth was all smiles on this trip - we got lots of exercise and saw some interesting places.

Looking north along the riverThis was the view to the north along the Rideau River.

The quadracycleThe quadracycle sits waiting for us to return from the riverbank.

Getting ready to goWe were getting ready to leave and head further north.

Tony's e-BikeAt the Hog's Back Falls we ran into Tony riding a battery powered e-Bike that he got at Canadian Tire, an interesting way to get around!

At Mooney's BayAfter our picnic lunch at Mooney's Bay we got ready to make the pedal home again.

Some Places That You Can't Go!

On June 29th we did a short 18.4 km expedition to check out "High Road", south of the Ottawa International Airport and ran into two sets of obstacles.

The complete story is in our on-line journal.

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On High RoadAfter crossing the berm at the entrance to "High Road".

On High RoadOn the other side of the berm Ruth checks out the halo around the sun.

On High RoadStarting down the roadway - a nice width for the quadracycle.

On High RoadAt the final obstacle berm with the Rhoades Car turned around.

On High RoadThis is what was on the other side - a steep slope down...

On High Road...to a gravel track at the bottom...

On High Road...and then a very steep incline up the other side.

On High RoadBack at the gateway guarded by two large boulders.

On High RoadA look back south at the roadway.

On High RoadWe used the boulders to set up a small tripod and snap a couple of pictures.

On High RoadA great day for a ride!

On High RoadBack at the south gate of the airport Ruth stops for some water before we head home.

A trip to see the "new suburbia" of Riverside South

Today we set off on an expedition. We had recently seen the suburb-slagging documentary Radiant City and wanted to see for ourselves what the new housing developments in our city looked like. We decided to head to Riverside South, a development that has been in existence for some time but is currently expanding.

We especially wanted to see the transportation requirements to live there, including whether you can do your shopping near home or have to drive to get groceries. As gas prices continue to climb that will be an issue for remote suburbs like this one.

We thought the quadracycle would be the perfect means to see the area as it gets you right into the scene, rather than just looking at it through a sheet of glass as in a car. It also gives us some exercise and doesn't use any gas!

The trip was 29.7 km total and ended with a grocery shopping trip and coffee at South Keys on the way home.

Ruth has writen an account of the trip and what she saw, which is in the on-line diary.

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Riverside SouthEnroute we stopped for a break at the south end of the Ottawa International Airport.

Riverside SouthGoing early in the morning on a Sunday meant very little traffic.

Riverside SouthYou know that you are getting close to Riverside South when you see this sign. It sounds rather ominous, doesn't it?

Riverside SouthRuth enjoyed the billboards.

Riverside SouthAdam takes a break on North Bluff Road. The name is odd since the area is totally flat. It seems that the developers took some liberties in the naming of the streets to make them sound more attractive.

Riverside SouthOne of the many sales centers.

Riverside SouthMore advertising, this time showing interior details, rather than happy customers.

Riverside SouthTypical suburban street scene in the completed portion of Riverside South.

Riverside SouthNew "model house" in a newly completed area. Real houses have driveways instead of flower beds in front of the garage.

Riverside SouthThe area has two local bus routes that wind through it, although the street layout meant that we passed the same bus a couple of times.

Riverside SouthThe new area under development. Any resemblance to the Somme will pass in time, I am sure.

Riverside SouthConstruction materials cached in the area.

Riverside SouthRuth in the under development area. It was bit of a lunar landscape.

Riverside SouthAnother sales center and another billboard showing happy smiling people of the type they are trying to attract.

Rural areaAfter leaving the development we stop in a rural area, just a few blocks away.

Rural area near Riverside SouthRuth checks out the spray gear.

South KeysAt South Keys the quadracycle fits nicely in a standard car parking spot.

South KeysAs usual we answered lots of questions about the vehicle. We seem to do this every time we stop and park!

A Big Day on the Colonel By Drive

Today we went out on the Colonel By Drive for Alcatel Bike Sunday. These events run all summer and feature parkways closed to motor vehicles so that they can be taken over by pedalers and skaters from 0900-1300.

We were on the south end of the route by 0907 and the crowds weren't too bad. By 1100 it was getting pretty darn busy out there, as the photos show!

We actually ducked off the route at the north end, cut through the U of O and Ruth went up to Second Cup to get an "Icepresso" (yum yum) frozen coffee drink.

We talked to lots of people - every time we pulled over people wanted to ask about the Rhoades Car. We are getting good at explaining what it is and how it works.

By the time we got home the GPS had clocked us having done 29.1 km - pretty good exercise.

Complete rundown in our diary.

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Colonel By DriveOur first break on Colonel By Drive and our first questions.

Colonel By DriveWe saw some pretty unusual vehicles. This one is a "tadpole" trike that is very low in height and minimal drag!

Colonel By DriveA rest break along the parkway.

Colonel By DriveWe stopped at Dow's Lake to see the start of a walk-a-thon.

Colonel By DriveRuth was enjoying herself.

Colonel By DriveRuth basks in the glow of a Second Cup "Icepresso" coffee concoction thing-it.

Colonel By DriveRuth asked me to hold her drink so she could take a photo.

Colonel By DriveAt Laurier Avenue and the University of Ottawa

Colonel By DriveIt was a nice shady spot to park and take a break.

Colonel By DriveOn the way back the Colonel By Drive was getting busy with skaters, joggers and bikes.

Colonel By DriveWe stopped at Dow's Lake again to see how the event was going and listen to the disco music (Ruth doesn't like it)

Colonel By DriveA shady pull over at Dow's Lake

Colonel By DriveThe traffic was getting thick. This is a good sign, biking is getting very popular in Ottawa.

Colonel By DriveColonel By Drive. NCC has the banners up, which add some nice colour to the scene.

Colonel By DrivePicture of us in the shade. The camera was sitting in a tree.

Colonel By DriveDow's Lake itself in the background, with the quadracycle under a handy tree.

The Slow-Moving Vehicle Sign

Because the Ottawa Police received some advice from MTO that quadracycles are "vehicles" but not "bicycles" they asked us to put a "Slow-Moving Vehicle" sign on our quadracycle.

Actually we were happy to do this as it greatly adds to the visibility of the quadracycle, particularly for cars coming up from behind.

Story in our diary.

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Slow-Moving Vehicle signTotal cost for the "Slow-Moving Vehicle" sign at Princess Auto was $6.99 plus tax. It is attached to the back of the bin with double-sided peel and stick Velcro.

Slow-Moving Vehicle signHere is the actual MTO specification for the SMVS - they have to be fairly large!

Running Errands

Doing some errands around town - library and coffee/lunch at South Keys. Story in our on-line diary.

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At the Ottawa Greenboro LibraryRuth with the quadracycle at the Ottawa Greenboro Library. We were there to pick up a couple of DVDs.

At Second Cup South KeysAt Second Cup South Keys. We just parked in a car-parking space and set the brakes, as the slope is pretty steep on these spots.

A couple of local trips


This weekend was uncharacteristically warm. The normal high at this time of year is 11°C and we had highs both days of about 23°C. We may be in for a long, hot summer.

We took advantage of the weather to get out quadracycling, of course! Complete run-down on our on-line journal.

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At the parkWe thought that we would try to get a good portrait of the two of us on the quadracycle.

At the parkAs you can see the trees are still pretty bare at this time of year. It didn't make for the best photos.

At the parkWe tried a few angles.

At the parkThen on Sunday we found a park full of evergreens and that worked out better.

At the parkSome of the photos weren't too bad!

South Keys StarbucksAfter a couple of hours of riding we decided to stop at South Keys Starbucks for coffee and parked with the other bikes at the bike racks.

Our 28 km quadracycling trip to the University of Ottawa

We did our longest quadracycling trip yet - 28 km round trip to the University of Ottawa and back on a Sunday. The complete story is on the on-line journal.

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Mooney's Bay ParkRuth at Mooney's Bay Park. Not too many beach goers yet at this time of year.

Mooney's Bay ParkAdam looks surprised.

Mooney's Bay ParkAdam at Mooney's Bay Park

Mooney's Bay ParkOur final destination - The University of Ottawa on Laurier Avenue.

Mooney's Bay ParkLooking west on Laurier.

Mooney's Bay ParkPeople have asked how you lock up a quadracycle. This is one way to do it!

Mooney's Bay ParkRuth with her obligatory 2nd Cup prize.

Mooney's Bay ParkOn the new foot and cycle bridge. The Peace Tower is visible in the background.

Mooney's Bay ParkRuth takes a break on the bridge.

Mooney's Bay ParkIs she having fun? It is hard to tell.

Mooney's Bay ParkView of the Peace Tower from the foot and cycle bridge near U of O. We were there at 10:39.

Mooney's Bay ParkRuth wondering if it is going to rain on the way home.

Mooney's Bay ParkTaking a break on McCarthy Avenue.

Mooney's Bay ParkRuth looking smug about the ridiculous price of car gas - Cdn$1.025 per litre (US$3.38 per US Gallon)

Adding reflective tape and the GPS mount

Just some small adjustments to the quadracycle today as we wait for winter to get on with melting. We are in a thaw and it is quite warm outside. Perhaps winter is done?

Today we installed reflective tape on the front and rear bumpers and also tried to find place to mount the GPS set. Story in our on-line journal.

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Reflective tapeRed reflective Scotchlite sticker material is added to the rear bumper for night cycling.

GPS mountOne method of mounting the GPS. None worked well and in the end we left it in a pack on the cargo bin.

Scotchlite sticker kitI picked up a white Scotchlite sticker kit from MEC and now the quadracycle is all "night legal".

Lights and Cargo Set-up and First Time on The Road!

Today I finished installing the cargo deck and the lights and took some photos. The lights are three battery-powered LED units from Mountain Equipment Co-op. The cargo deck is a piece of plywood that I got from Home Depot that was shaped and polyurethaned. It is attached to the frame with tie-wraps and mounted on window stripping foam tape.

After fitting all those pieces I decided to roll the quadracycle out of the garage for a few photos with the three Rubbermaid 68L Roughtote bins that fit on it. The day was so nice and the road was almost dry, that Ruth and I decided to take a spin around the street together. It was a blast! Complete run-down on our on-line journal.

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Cargo deckThe plywood cargo deck is fitted with tie-wraps.

tail lightsOne of the two LED tail-lights mounted on the cargo deck just outside the rear bumper.

LED headlightWhite LED headlight mounted on the handlebars.

Roughtote binsThree Rubbermaid 68 litre (18 US gal) Roughtote bins mounted on the cargo deck and secured with a ratchet tie-down.

bins mountedQuadracycle profile with bins mounted and strapped down. That is 204 L of combined stowage space.

Front view with three bins mountedFront view with three bins mounted. The cargo deck can accommodate one or two bins just as well.

Ruth revsRuth revs it up the driveway.

the smile says it allRuth after her short quadracycling trip around the local street - the smile says it all!

Ruth after our brief pedalRuth after our brief pedal.

Ruth isn't easily impressedRuth isn't easily impressed - but she was impressed with our new quadracycle coupe!

Our Quadracycle Arrives!

Our quadracycle arrived today! It was cold outside, the white stuff on the ground is snow.

Complete run-down on our on-line journal.

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The truck arrivesThe truck arrives on a windy cold day in February.

The box it came inA box the size of a full-sized pool table was in the truck. It was about 8 X 5 X 4 feet! Fortunately the driver helped us unpack and he even took the box! I don't know what we would have done with it.

Ruth tries it outRuth gets first try at sitting on the 4W2PCP, even while the packing tie-wraps are still in place. She is happy as evidenced by the smile.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPA look at the quadracycle from the front.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPGeneral arrangement photo.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPCloser to ground level view.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPThree quarter rear view showing the cargo space. We plan to install a sheet of plywood here for a cargo tie down area.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRear view showing the back bumper.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPLeft rear wheel showing the disc brake assembly.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRight rear derailer.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRight rear disc brake installation. The brakes work very well.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPHandlebars, brake levers and the optional deluxe seats. The brake levers have integral parking brakes built-in.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPThe seats actually fold forward when needed - they are very comfortable to sit on.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPThe optional rearview mirror.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPThe steering connection to the left front wheel. The steering is very light and precise. The red item is a chock as this thing rolls when left alone on a sloped driveway.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPFront view showing the handlebars and brake levers.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPSteering linkages and company logo.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRight front chain ring and pedals. This is the 46 tooth chain ring - the largest that the manufacturer offers.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPOne of the intermediate derailers. The drive system has two derailers and 36 gears on each side.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPThe shifters - two a side, mounted on a special tube.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRear derailer and the rear axle assembly.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRear wheel hub with disc brake.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPTop front view of the quadracycle.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPTop rear view, showing the cargo space.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPFront view.

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPRuth is very pleased with the quadracycle, despite the cold weather and even drove it from the bottom of the driveway into the garage!

Rhoades Car 4W2PCPThe quadracycle is now home in the garage, waiting for spring to arrive! The groundhog says it will be soon!