Tux, the Linux Penguin VOY Award

Linux DVDs


Since I have been distributing free Linux disks, through the National Capital FreeNet office. I do this for two reasons:

  1. So that NCF members can pick up ready-made Linux disks, try them out and hopefully install them and use them.
  2. As a means of contributing back to the Linux community.

That second point probably requires some explanation. Linux is free software, created by volunteer and paid developers, but distributed for free, so that everyone can use it. I use Linux operating systems, which I get for free. To help contribute back to Linux development some people write the software code, some provide financial support, some do design and artwork. My way to support Linux is to promote it.

Why Use Linux?

Linux operating systems have a number of advantages over Windows. For instance:

  1. Linux is free
  2. Pretty much all Linux applications are free
  3. Most Linux distributions are very easy to install and set up
  4. Linux is very secure
  5. Linux is very stable
  6. Linux will run on your existing computer hardware
  7. Linux rarely crashes or locks-up
  8. Linux won't run Windows viruses or spyware
  9. You can still open and edit all your Windows documents in Linux, like .doc, .ppt and .xls
  10. Did I mention Linux is free?

There are lots more reasons explained in detail at Why Linux Is Better.

Linux Distributions Available

DVDs and cards on the rack at National Capital FreeNet

There are about 300 freely available Linux distributions. Over the last number of years I have supplied disks for a number of different ones. In addition to my Best of Free Windows Software DVD, for I am going to be supplying:

Utilities DVD
Special Requests

I am also able to make up special request DVDs. Some of the ones I can supply are:

Email me for more information.


64-bit computers will run both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems just fine, but 32-bit computers will only run 32-bit operating systems.

Where To Get DVDs

Disks are normally available at National Capital FreeNet, #206-1305 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7Y4, during office hours (M-F 0800-1900, Sat 1000-1700). They are located on a display rack just inside the office door.

Sorry, due to the cost, postal problems and other issues I don't ship disks.

Where To Get Envelopes and Cards

I have had many requests from people in the free software community to share my envelope and handout card patterns, so here they are for free download in Oasis open document .odt format. These can be opened in applications such as LibreOffice Writer or AbiWord. Please feel free to modify them and use them in anyway you see fit:


Some people have reported that the envelope back cover text overlaps the front of the template. This is due to a font issue. The templates are all in "Ubuntu font", which is not installed on some distros, in which case it substitutes your default font, which may be less space efficient. If this happens either change the font to a more compact one, or reduce the point size so that the text fits!