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Canadian Owners and Pilots Association

Places to Fly - COPA's interactive, user-editable Canadian Airport Directory

On the Horizon - upcoming aviation events

COPA Aviation Guides - information on almost everything in personal aviation

COPA Flights - a list of all the other COPA Flights around Canada

Map of COPA Flights - a Google map showing all the COPA Flights around Canada

Aviation Weather Briefing & Flight Planning

Aviation Weather & NOTAMs - local area & for planned routes

Latest Graphical Area Forecast - GFA

Ottawa area radar

Ontario radar picture

US national NexRad radar picture

US Satellite picture - US ADDS

Ottawa Public weather - Environment Canada seven day forecast

Ottawa Public weather - The Weather Network seven day forecast

Lightning map - Environment Canada

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Nav Canada

AIP Canada (ICAO) - Replaces the old Transport Canada AIP, includes the AIP Supps and Aeronautical Information Circulars.

Canadian Airport Charts - Canadian Airport Diagrams on the Nav Canada website

Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH) - Characteristics of Canadian airspace.

NOTAM Procedures Manual - How Canadian NOTAMS work.

Nav Canada Customer Guide to Charges - How much you have to pay Nav Canada to fly in Canada.

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Transport Canada

Advanced Ultralights List

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) - the rules we fly by these days

Civil Aircraft register - the searchable database of all Canadian civil aircraft

Airworthiness Directives Index - ADs for certified aircraft

TP 14371 - Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM) - PDF version (38 MB download)PDF document

TP 185 - Aviation Safety Letter - current issue and back issues

Flight Safety

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US Sectional Charts On-Line

SkyVector have put the entire series of US sectional Charts on line!

Don't even ask about Nav Canada doing the same here - it ain't gonna happen!

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Carp Airport Links

West Kanagta Business Park - The company that has built an FBO and is building an aerospace business park at the Carp Airport.

Carp Airport Website - The official site for the airport.

Ottawa Area Flying schools

Challenge Aviation

Contact: Claude Roy, 1986 Richardson Side Road, Carp, ON, K0A 1L0.
Tel: 613-836-7243; Fax: 613-992-5484;
Base: Carleton Place Airport
Training fleet: 1 X Challenger II
Training includes: PP-UL, passenger-carrying rating

International Pilot Academy

Contact: 1427 Ogilvie Road, Suite 102, Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: 613-769-2606
E-mail: Contact Home Page:
Base: Carp Airport
Training includes: REC, PPL, CPL, MULTI, IFR, INS, Night
Training fleet: C-150, Red Bird Simulator

Ottawa Aviation Services

Contact: 220 Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1C1
Tel: 613-737-2933; Fax: 613-737-0253
E-mail: Contact Home Page:
Base: Ottawa - Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Training includes: REC, PPL, CPL, Float, MULTI, IFR, INS, Night, Aerobatics, Tailwheel
Training fleet: DA 20A-1, DA 40, Grob-115-C, BE-19, C-172, PA30, Simulator

Ottawa Flying Club

Contact: 1 Lindbergh Place, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1H7.
Tel: 613-523-2142; Fax: 613-523-2187
E-mail: Home Page:
Base: Ottawa - Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Training includes: PVT, INS, IFR, MUL, NIT, COM, SEA
Ground school courses: PVT, COM, IFR, INS
Training fleet: (5) C-150, (2) C-172, (1) C-172RG, (2) BE-76 Duchess
Float training fleet: (1) C-172 Hawk XP on Edo 2440 Floats
Supplementary information: Located at Ottawa International Airport. Large variety of instrument approaches available at Ottawa and three surrounding airports. Seaplane training at Constance Lake, Ont. School located at Ottawa International Airport. Courses offered: Ground school, float endorsement, advanced bush training, sightseeing.

Rockcliffe Flying Club

Contact: Simon Garrett or Brenda Reid P.O. Box 7310, Vanier Post Office, Ottawa, Ont., K1L 8E4
Tel: 613-746-4425; Fax: 613-746-3354 E-mail: Home Page:
Base: Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport
Training includes: REC, PPL, CPL, Night, VFR OTT, Multi, INS, IFR, floats
Training fleet: C-150, C-172, Red Bird Simulator
Supplementary information: Float, Multi-engine and Multi-IFR training completed in conjunction with West Capital Aviation.