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Here are some photos of COPA Flight 8's members' planes. There are also photos of planes that some members used to own, too.

If you don't see your plane here then send in a photo!

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Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane model Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane C-FFZQ bought by John Kenny in and based at Gatineau Airport. Flown by COPA President Kevin Psutka.

Piper PA-22-160 TriPacer tailwheel conversionMichael Dixon & Nathalie Huard's PA-22-160 Tri Pacer tailwheel conversion on skis at the Lac Heney Fly-in

Mooney M20E Super 21Ned Gravel flying his Mooney M20E Super 21 C-FSWR at 7500’ over the Bruce Peninsula headed to Killarney (CPT2)

Mooney M20E Super 21Ned Gravel and his model Mooney M20E Super 21 C-FSWR refuelling

Beech BaronTony Hunt with his 1977 model Beech Baron B55 C-GXOY, which he owned from -

Beech BaronTony Hunt and C-GXOY found themselves in some interesting places, like Demming New Mexico

Cessna 182S Skylane model Cessna 182S Skylane C-FBEK owned by John Kenny - and based at Gatineau Airport. Flown by COPA President Kevin Psutka -.

Aviat A-1B HuskyTony Hunt's Aviat Husky C-GTHY turns up it some interesting places!

Cessna 177B CardinalCessna 177B Cardinal C-GEYQ which was owned by John Quarterman, Terry Begin, Mike James and Ron Pepper until they sold it in the fall of . It was seen here at the Smiths Falls Fly-in in

Piper PA-28-140 CherokeePiper PA-28-140 C-FGJB was owned by Darin and Lisa Graham between and

Cessna 150MCessna 150M C-GTLL was owned by Peter and Debra Ceravolo from to

Fleet Model 80 CanuckA Canadian classic - a Fleet Model 80 Canuck. CF-DQM is owned and flown by Darin and Lisa Graham. They have recently moved the aircraft to New Zealand. The aircraft has its own website

Piper PA-22-108 ColtThis is the Piper Colt PA-22-108, CF-NDS, that was owned by JP Seguin and Mike Shaw until .

American Aviation AA-1 Yankee model American Aviation AA-1 Yankee Clipper C-FBVQ owned by Adam Hunt and Ruth Merkis-Hunt between -

Cessna 182K Skylane model Cessna 182K C-FVSO that was owned by COPA -, flown by Kevin Psutka and Mark Psutka.

Cessna 177B CardinalJon Buchanan's model Cessna 177B Cardinal seen at Carp Airport.

Beechcraft C35 BonanzaThe Beechcraft C35 Bonanza that used to be owned by COPA General Manager Bill Peppler.

Aeronca 15AC SedanThis Aeronca Sedan 15AC was owned by Mike Masek and Mike Shaw in the late s. It was unusual in that it had crosswind landing gear. The main gear castered allowing landing with several degrees of crab.

Cessna 150GCessna 150 C-GMIO that was owned by Adam Hunt between -. This shot was taken by now COPA Flight 35 Winnipeg Captain Harry Wiebe near Steinbach MB

Stinson 108A Stinson 108 that was flown by Mike Shaw a few times. He almost bought it, but the deal fell through over problems importing the aircraft from the USA

Cessna 177B CardinalChuck O'Dale's passion, C177B, C-GOZM (Chuck GO ZooM).

Piper PA-28-180 CherokeeYves Gelinas' Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C

Piper PA-24-180 ComancheHere is a photo of Terry Cooper's "old" plane. C-FYHU is a PA-24 Comanche 180 that he has owned since .

Piper PA-24-180 ComancheTerry Cooper goes flying with C-GMPH - his Comanche 180

Piper PA-24-180 ComancheTerry Cooper flies a new four-year-old convert to flying from Rockcliffe

Aviat A-1B HuskyTony Hunt's Husky C-GTHY sitting on a bush-strip in Idaho during the summer of

DFE Ascender III-CDFE Ascender III-C C-IZZZ owned and flown by Adam Hunt and Ruth Merkis-Hunt from -.

Ultraflight Lazair Series II+Lazair Series II C-ICKY restored by Adam Hunt and Ruth Merkis-Hunt between -. This is the "after" photo, when it was ready for first flight.

Apco Starlite 26 ParagliderJust to show that Flight 8 members fly all kinds of aircraft - Adam Hunt flying his APCO Starlite 26 paraglider at Cochrane, Alberta in . Adam flew this paraglider between and .

Ultraflight Lazair Series IILazair Series II C-IASW restored by Adam Hunt and Ruth Merkis-Hunt between -. This photo shows it "before" restoration.