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Cessna 182  Skylane

COPA Flight 8 is the local chapter of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association in the Ottawa, Ontario area.


COPA Flight 8 meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month except July, August & December. Meetings usually start at 1930 hours (7:30 pm). Check the upcoming events listing for the next meeting details.


Meetings are usually held in the upper lounge of the Ottawa Flying Club (map), but check the listings for the next meeting to see if it will be at a field location.


COPA Flight 8 meetings usually feature guest speakers of interest to aviators of all kinds. We also do tours of aviation facilities. Check the upcoming events listings for more information.


All aviators and anyone else interested in flying are welcome to join COPA Flight 8 for its events. Current COPA Flight 8 members fly all kinds of aircraft from ultralights, owner maintenance aircraft, amateur-builts and certified aircraft. Membership is free. Plan to come out to our next get-together!


Well why not? You get to meet other Ottawa area aviators and learn some new stuff along the way!

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