In Nomine Ottawa: Ornamental Garden Photo Collection

This is a collection of photographs of the Central Experimental Farm's Ornamental Gardens, supplementing my unofficial gaming supplement In Nomine Ottawa. All of these photos are copyright © 2008 Rob Kelk; permission is granted to make a copy for personal non-commercial use only.

The Garden's ornamental fountain
This fountain is located at the Gardens' main entrance.
One of the Gardens' ornamental hedgerows
Photographed near the beginning of June 2008.
Another ornamental hedgerow
Photographed near the end of June 2008.
A guest in the garden
The Ornamental Gardens are just across the road from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden; this is an uncommon but not unexpected sight.
An Asian-style stone lantern
Nancy Nicholas peonies

The Explorer Rose Collection

The Explorer Rose Collection's main entrance
A larger copy of the image on the In Nomine Ottawa page
The Explorer Rose Collection's main explanatory sign
There's also a French version of the sign, but I only photographed the English sign.

A closer look at some of the Explorer Roses
Champlain roses
Chantillon Rambler hybrids